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All you need to know about Narine Arakelian’s “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones”

All you need to know about Narine Arakelian's "Metamorphosis of Aphrodite's Stones"
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Narine Arakelian has made a significant impact on the art scene in recent years. The feminist artist, known for auctioning one of her eggs as NFT art last year, now presents her latest exhibition, “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones.”

In a recent interview, Arakelian talked about what inspired the interesting title of her art show. The “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” is influenced by ancient Greek stories, especially Hellenism, and explores themes of female gender and identity.

According to Arakelian, the word ‘Metamorphosis’ signifies in the title of the exhibition that we are living a process of evolving into a virtual world.

Arakelian uses a mix of different art forms, like painting, sculpture, video, and environmental art, to create a unique experience for visitors. She creates a pretend world that’s meant to make people feel deeply involved in their senses and emotions. The goal is to help people grow personally and accept the changing digital world.

The artist, by teaming up with Decentraland, shows her dedication to overcoming distance barriers. This collaboration lets people from various places and times join in the virtual art space of the Metaverse. In the digital world, artists really have more freedom to express themselves compared to traditional art, making the exhibition special and worth experiencing.

Phygitalism art, according to Arakelian, enables her to transfer the essence of nature into the digital world. She goes beyond just looking at nature and interacts with it in the digital space. This makes it hard to tell where nature ends and the digital world begins.

The Powerful Symbolism of Aphrodite’s Rock

Arakelian’s exhibition revolves around the powerful symbolism of Aphrodite’s Rock. The rock, as explained by Arakelian, stands as a symbol of femininity, symbolizing fertility and life.

The stones linked to Aphrodite’s legend are not just remnants of nature; they also carry mythical significance. In a clever move, Arakelian transforms these stones into a sustainable resource, designing avatars that communicate positive messages in the Metaverse. Her blend of natural materials and verbal expressions through human communication brings forth a fairytale reality.

The artist skillfully employs materials like water and earth, symbolically representing the fluid and undefined nature of matter. This choice enhances the depth of her creative exploration. Stones exclusive to Armenia, like the moonstone from Lake Sevan and black tuff, find a place in her artistic repertoire.

Inspiring Change Through Art

Arakelian’s art connects with the idea that the universe is at the center of everything. This gives a special viewpoint on finding balance in a world that is changing quickly.

The exhibition talks about important social issues and explores the idea of what it means to be a woman, with a focus on different aspects of being female. Arakelian’s performance art deals with topics like race, LGBTQ, and body positivity, giving a space to think about the idea of being a perfect woman in different ways.

The enduring power of myth is a central theme in “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones.” Arakelian sees our contemporary world as one steeped in modern mythology, evident in mass media creations like Batman. She believes that myths reveal the essence of human consciousness, serving as a foundation for transforming consciousness in the modern world. Through her art, Arakelian aims to convey the relevance and significance of the environment for humanity as a whole.

“Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” makes you think differently and encourages people from around the world to consider the lasting stories of myths, the exciting changes that technology can bring, and the unlimited possibilities of art. Simply put, Arakelian’s art exhibition beautifully captures the ever-changing nature of modern art. It combines traditional and modern ideas with technology, creating a multitude of fresh and innovative ways for artistic expression.


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