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Artistic Innovation through Vasily Klyukin’s Sculptures at the Osthaus Museum Hagen

For art enthusiasts around the globe, the name Vasily Klyukin is synonymous with dynamic exploration and fearless innovation. Klyukin, a Monaco-based artist, architect, and designer, has forged a distinctive path in the realm of three-dimensional artistry. With an unyielding passion for experimentation with forms and techniques, he has leveraged his engineering prowess to develop a unique method that allows him to create complex sculptures from medium sheets, sans any fasteners.

In addition to his architectural and sculptural feats, Klyukin is renowned for his philosophical approach to art. This is exemplified in the ‘In Dante Veritas’ sculpture series. Drawing inspiration from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’, the series embarked on a world tour that started at the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, continued to Arsenale Nord during the Venice Biennale 2019, and later transformed into ‘Art Panorama Inferno’ in Lucerne’s picturesque Château Gütsch.

The artist’s fascination with natural elements and mathematical formulas birthed the “Crypto” series, showcased at a personal exhibition at the Simon Lee Gallery in London in 2020. His work continues to captivate viewers and challenge conventional artistic boundaries. His 2021 exhibition “Civilization. The Island of the Day Before” at the Kunstforum Wien and his brass street sculpture “413,” which was displayed opposite the entrance, are testament to his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

However, it is Klyukin’s recent achievements that have made waves in the international art scene. Notably, his artwork found a prestigious home at the Osthaus Museum Hagen in Hagen, Germany, as part of a landmark exhibition, INNENLEBEN. As Klyukin explains, the exhibition offered an “artistic view of the human being,” and included a broad spectrum of genres. He stood shoulder-to-shoulder with artistic giants like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Andy Warhol, with two of his works being proudly displayed among an assortment of over 190 pieces from about 70 distinctive artists.

INNENLEBEN, which translates to “inner life,” spotlighted the artistic representation of the human form and human life, covering self-portraits, portraits, and nudes, along with depictions of social life and human-animal relationships. The exhibition, a blend of classical modernism and post-war art, also spotlighted recent works, providing unimagined perspectives to the visitors. The Osthaus Museum Hagen has indeed become a beacon for those seeking an enriching exploration of human representation in art, with Klyukin’s pieces playing a significant role.

Beyond the prestigious Osthaus Museum Hagen, Klyukin’s “Crypto” series has found a home in the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem. The artwork will be featured in the first-ever exhibition in a new contemporary art gallery at the Tower of David Museum. Named “The Navel of the World,” the exhibition promises a multi-voiced and multi-sensory, physical, and metaphysical experience.

The breadth of Klyukin’s work demonstrates a remarkable understanding of form, structure, and symbolism, capturing a unique blend of past and future. Each piece is an echo of his innovative spirit, challenging viewers to perceive their environment in new and compelling ways. Whether it’s the symbolic representation of Dante’s Divine Comedy or the homage to Joseph Beuys, Klyukin’s work remains an awe-inspiring exploration of human existence through art. His creations invite audiences into a transformative journey, reminding them that art is, above all, an ongoing conversation about what it means to be human.


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