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Hip-Hop Enthusiasts Rejoice: Cooli Highh’s “A Fresh Highh” Album Out Soon

Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and San Diego, California, may be miles apart, but they share one common factor, and that’s the excitement surrounding Cooli Highh’s upcoming project, “A Fresh Highh.” This highly anticipated release, hosted by DJ VIP, is set to drop on April 20th, just in time for the yearly celebration for stoners.

Cooli Highh is an artistic individual with an exceptional knack for forming connections with others, be it in his personal relationships or through his music. Rather than viewing his followers as mere admirers, he regards them as his kin, and his passion for music has driven him to gift them with fresh tunes to groove to. Through his art, he shares his wisdom acquired from life’s trials and tribulations, utilizing them as a tool to guide and motivate his listeners toward growth and enlightenment.

Cooli Highh is a multi-talented creative, transcending the boundaries of being a music artist. He’s also a prolific YouTuber, an avid gamer, and a skilled music podcast interviewer on Twitch. With a clear vision in mind, he’s carving out his niche while actively engaging with his fan base in various exciting ways. Cooli Highh’s ultimate objective is to foster a welcoming community where folks can unite and express their passion for music, gaming, and all things life-related.

Cooli and his good friend, the Chicago-based Rockie Fresh, have joined forces to create A Fresh Highh, a project that takes inspiration from some of their favorite artists and seeks to break new ground in the music industry. With a sound that is sure to resonate with hip-hop aficionados, cannabis enthusiasts, and urban night owls alike, this collaboration promises to hit all the right notes and leave its mark on the scene.

“When You start off with a dream and goals, as long as you’re in love with what you do, you never know how you will grow and change in that industry, what new lanes you will swerve into and master,” Cooli shared. “It’s like an RPG; how you start out will be different than how you finish off.”

A Fresh Highh is not just another music project; it’s a reflection of Cooli Highh’s journey and a testament to his dedication and hard work. This project is sure to be a hit, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented artist.


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