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Marcia Smith’s Life Changing Academy is Playing an Active Role in Shaping the Future

Taking care of the future is a deliberate process, especially when it comes to securing the future for the younger generation. Marcia Smith understood this when she gifted her daughter an LLC on her fifteenth birthday, giving her an early start in the business world. Apart from the LLC, Marcia also opened a business bank account for her daughter, added her name to five of her credit cards to get her started with her credit, and bought her a brand new 2021 Mercedes Benz C300. The Mercedes Benz was immediately listed on Turo, a service to rent out privately-owned vehicles.

Marcia made these moves to help her daughter own a business and create her first income stream that can supply her savings, investments in crypto and stocks, and payment for her car. Putting everything together, Marcia gave her daughter the first steps to financial freedom and solvency. Her goal was to help her see money as a self-sustaining source of comfort instead of anxiety and stress.

Recounting the story on Facebook, Smith was able to inspire many people, especially parents. Within a few weeks, she had gained 40,000 new followers from all over the world, all wanting to gain an insight into her masterstroke of financial planning for her child. Like her, everyone wanted to secure a bright future for their children.

The most common requests from people who spoke to Smith bordered around helping their children and themselves achieve financial stability. Smith’s story was captivating, and many picture themselves in the same scenario. She did not only focus on saving money; she had a clear strategy that made sense to many people.

Sharing the Knowledge

Marcia never held back information from every inquiry into her process. She shared everything about financial planning, pulling her knowledge and expertise on credit analysis, business structure, real estate investing, and home ownership. She took many members of her group by the hand on the journey toward financial freedom.

A simple social media post birthed a thriving community of action takers, encouraging and helping others improve their financial situations. The ripple effects were too monumental to ignore, and Marcia plugged herself right into it all. She created a step-by-step online course to properly communicate her expert advice. She also organized live weekly Q&A and private sessions to carry everyone along. Her courses were hot cake, and everyone wanted a piece. As a result, several people learned from her, from those looking to change their lives to those who want to start and scale their businesses.  

Changing Lives

The crux of the journey for Marcia Smith was to change lives, so she established Life Changing Academy, an organization that helps individuals pursue financial freedom through business ownership. Through personalized coaching on building and running a business, Marcia Smith helps her clients maximize their earnings while keeping their weekly working hours as low as possible.

Marcia Smith’s approach is about conditioning people’s mindsets by inspiring them to believe they can do it while working with them to achieve the results. Her coaching process takes individuals through the most direct path to profitable business ownership without missing a step.

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