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A Pledge to Change the World

The world is a beautiful place. Changing the world and innovating it allows us to think above and beyond, trying to make a difference. But a reality that stands tall is that despite being beautiful, the world needs us to pay attention to things that need to be fixed. Let’s be honest; there’s a lot to think about, from global warming to animal abuse and atrocities against humanity.  

The innocent urge to change the world grows with us in our formative years. It is a spark to fix things around and provides a new meaning to life. This is why the world has been home to people like Mother Teresa. People like her spent their lives providing ease and comfort to the needy. 

In recent years, many people have tried to rescue the world from the depths of darkness. Everyone has been doing their part in making the world a better place, from animal activists to environmentalists. But let’s face it, not all of us have the right resources to encounter everything wrong with the world. Yet, the struggle to make it count goes on in one way or the other. 

Birol Bahadir’s Way to Change the World

Everyone has a way of contributing to making the world livable for all beings. Birol Bahadir, a Turkish-German immigrant, writes his book Between Two Worlds to achieve this noble goal. Bahadir has spent a life full of challenges and frequent moments of joy. He’s been a man who looks at life from a different lens having warmth in his heart for people and animals in need. 

Birol’s philanthropical affairs stand very close to his heart. He keeps a low profile about what he does to protect the ones around him. With his book Between Two Worlds, Bahadir wants to change things and take a step further. He wants the book to be remembered as a source of eternal joy for the world. 

Bahadir’s idea is to utilize a part of the revenue he would get from the book to facilitate animal welfare and NGOs. He believes such measures can play a pivotal role in making people understand the importance of charity. His goal is to provide maximum support to the people working toward noble causes and become a pillar of confidence. 

The author has seen different colors of life. But now, his focus is on giving back to society in whatever way possible. 

Bahadir states, “My life has been nothing less than a rollercoaster. I have seen the lowest and enjoyed my highs in the best way possible. I look at life as a lesson that keeps on giving. Now, I think the best way to celebrate my life’s story is to give back to the world. I think 20 years from now, my name wouldn’t be remembered for what I was, but I want my commitment to humanity to shine forever.” 

Birol remains committed to providing maximum relief to the people around him. His endeavors go beyond helping his counterparts help NGOs who work towards protecting animals. The German-Turkish author has always had a soft side for animals. His love for the voiceless drives him to spend time with the ones requiring immediate attention. 

About Between Two Worlds 

Between Two Worlds summarizes Bahadir’s life’s journey as an immigrant. It is a saga that contains his struggles to settle down in a new environment. The book effortlessly highlights the inner battles that Bahadir faced as an immigrant living in a foreign land. Understanding his surroundings and finding his true identity remained one highlight of his life. But that is certainly not the complete picture. 

Despite the horrors of being an immigrant, the book also sheds light upon his triumphs. Between Two Worlds pays a brief ode to the life discoveries that Bahadir made. The book is an account of his views on relationships and how things changed in different phases of his life. 

A letter to life is how the book is best described. The book is a well-written interpretation of struggles, heartbreaks, happiness, and successes. It teaches one not to lose hope when things get hard. Undoubtedly, the secret to a successful life lies in how you perceive things and pledge to fight against the odds. 

Birol’s Between Two Worlds offers something for everyone and not just immigrants. The book intends to directly connect to the immigrants while offering commoners a brief outlook. It breaks down the common myth of a lavish life abroad and paints a picture that stands close to reality. There are lessons, stories, and everything that translates into a perfect autobiography. 


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