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Exploring The Reluctant Courier Coffee to Conspiracy
Photo Courtesy: Pamela Stevens

From Coffee Cups to Conspiracy: Exploring ‘The Reluctant Courier’

By: Seraphina Quin

A day in the life of a book lover is not easy.

From towering to-be-read piles to the overwhelming, constantly growing anxiety of finishing it first before going to buy more books, we have our lives cut out for ourselves. 

But every once in a while comes a book that we must buy, no matter the space on our bookshelves. Sometimes, not enough people are talking about it – but that does not mean it is not destined to be an instant classic! It’s a free country and we can do as we please. However, word on the street is that book hoarding may be a completely different hobby than book reading. 

The time has come for us to introduce you to The Reluctant Courier and its author – Pamela Stevens. 

It all begins with a letter and its rather reluctant courier – hence the name. Sipping away at her morning coffee, Sandra Stanford inadvertently becomes a witness to a hit and run. The man hit, dying, leaves in Sandra’s care an envelope with a single-file instruction: she must deliver it to Congressman Hoyt. 

What we see next is nothing short of an exhilarating race against time to deliver the contents of the envelope to the Congressman, lest the fate of the entire country should be jeopardized. 

On her journey, she meets friends and enemies alike, and the Congressman, as mysterious as he is, sweeps her away into a world of whirlwind romance.

The novel is a well-written mixture of suspense, mystery, and thriller. But is it worth your time? We asked Pamela to answer a few questions for you. You will want to read this book – and, psst, the sequel, but you didn’t hear that from us! – once you’ve had to read what she said. 

The premise of the book is a cup of coffee leading to a conspiracy! So stick with us till end, will you. 

What inspired you to write The Reluctant Courier?

Behind every book, there is a backstory not known to the writers. Pamela has always been a reader. It was while she worked as a journalist for a horse magazine that she paired her love for reading with her writing and came up with The Reluctant Courier. 

But when you have read too much… you pick up a thing or two. And you know what to do – and, most importantly, what not to do when writing your own book.  

I got tired of reading books that had the man and woman hating each other all throughout the book, only to realize that they really loved each other. Also, I never like too much description. I wanted to give the reader enough information to be able to use their own imagination, no matter what the scene, I wanted the reader to use their own imagination to picture the story and enjoy it. 

Writing is a very deep process – you are not just telling a story, but you are also telling your readers how to perceive it. 

Many authors draw inspiration from real-life experiences. Are there any personal anecdotes or events that influenced the themes or characters in your book?

For J.K Rowling, it was the train ride she took from Manchester to London in 1990 and the motivation to take care of her daughter as a single parent. For Suzanne Collins, it was an epiphany. She wanted young readers to understand what being desensitized to mass death could mean after her own experiences with the Iraq War. 

But Pamela surprised us. 

Some (personal anecdotes or events that influenced the characters in the book) but not much. I was a barrel racer and did compete when I was young, but I was told that the last thing I should write about was anything like the government, the CIA, or spies.  

Sandra Stanford – the protagonist – is a rodeo contestant herself. Maybe Pamela is being a bit humble for us. What if she was a reluctant courier herself? She ended up writing about the very thing she had been advised to stay away from! If that’s not outright rebellion, we don’t know what is, folks. 

What challenges did you face while writing this book, and how did you overcome them?

Think it’s easy? Not quite. Unlike asking your brainiac friend for some last-minute help with the assignment the day it is due, real writers have no such shortcuts. There are tons of inspirations and people, even, that may help steer the writing in the right direction. But at the end of the day, hardcore writing comes down to putting pen to paper – or finger to laptop, however you choose to do it. 

Pam said, “I was my own worst critic,” as often most writers are. Apart from writing, we are all predisposed to judge ourselves and our work too harshly, and Pamela couldn’t escape the self-criticism trap either. 

While writing this, I was the mother of three young children, trained horses, and worked in the family business. Time was always a premium.

Also, living the life of a writer is a dual act. Pamela juggled many hats – mother, horse trainer, and working the family business. With everything on her plate, she had deadlines to meet. Time is not necessarily the enemy for a writer, but it most certainly seems to fly a lot faster than usual during the writing. 

Still, to be able to put something as delectable as The Reluctant Courier on the table after all of her limitations, Pamela truly did a great job. 

What is the next step for a book? A movie? Or televised adaptation? YES!

Let’s talk about cinema! Picture a movie being made about your book. Who do you think would play the characters (which Hollywood actors)? Would you let the directors make any changes to the plot? If yes, then where?

No changes in the plot without my approval.  

Of course. 

We have some disappointment for you next, guys. Will there be a TRC movie? Probably! That’s not the bad news. It’s that Pamela kept her ideas for the cast to herself… not one suggestion shared. 

As for actors, there are a few, but I would leave that to a more experienced individual.

There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to dream casts! When you are done reading the book, we want you to come back here and tell us who you’d like to play Sandra Stanford and Steven Hoyt. 

And finally, the question we know you have all been waiting for. We were very unashamed in asking her this, and her answer most certainly had us giggling with delight.

Here’s what she said:

There is a sequel almost done, and another one… I am playing around with some ideas in my mind.

So it’s official – straight from the author. Not only is there a sequel well on its way, but there is also a third book we might be getting. 

The verdict!

So now we ask you: is The Reluctant Courier worth your time? 

Short answer – yes! 

Long answer – big yes! 

With a to-die-for cast, an interesting, mysterious plot with political intrigue lining the way, and page-turning suspense, you are in for a thrill. 

The Reluctant Courier is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other leading digital platforms. Don’t be reluctant; get yourself a copy today!


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