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Fitness Expert Ryan Harden Establishes His Enduring Fitness Brands Harden Performance and Harden Essentials

Achieving personal fitness is a daunting task. More often than not, people tend to give up on their fitness goals altogether without even getting down to the root of the main problem. Ryan Harden realizes this massive knowledge gap in the industry and hopes to put his knowledge and expertise to good use as a means of helping people achieve their fitness dreams in more ways than one. 

In line with his personal mission, Ryan Harden has established a variety of fitness enterprises, each with a unique approach to solving the looming fitness crisis. By getting down to the root of the problem, Harden’s brands hope to eliminate the common misconceptions in the personal fitness industry, all while offering remarkable fitness products that have never been seen before in the space. 

One of his brands, Harden Performance, is an online coaching brand that tackles each client’s personal fitness issues through a tailor-made program, weekly check-ins, and dietary plans created by Ryan Harden himself. Utilizing an intimate approach to fitness coaching, Ryan makes himself available to his clients whenever they need him to assist them on exactly what to eat and when to eat it and train them for their goals as they move forward in their fitness journey.

As a certified nutritionist, fitness coach, and esteemed model, Ryan Harden is built with the knowledge and expertise that has made him a highly sought-after authority when it comes to personal fitness. Before becoming the prominent industry figure that he is today, he suffered through several years in high school due to his weight issues that contributed to his chubby stature. 

Determined to improve his overall health and well-being, Ryan Harden took action and began his personal fitness journey. Exhilarated by the whole process, he dedicated his time and energy towards a holistic lifestyle change, altering his mindset, habits, and views on fitness. With a newfound passion for maintaining optimal health, he obtained a degree in Dietetics at the University of Kentucky.  

Since diving into a career in the fitness industry, Ryan Harden has accumulated almost a decade’s worth of experience. He has personally trained numerous high-value clients such as fitness experts, champion bodybuilders, and just about anyone who wants to improve themselves. 

As an extension of his well-renowned personal brand, he also established one of his thriving fitness companies, Harden Essentials. Offering an entirely different service this time around, Harden Essentials brings high-end supplements into the market to help people deal with natural stressors that might impact their overall fitness goals. The renowned supplement brand seamlessly integrates itself with the services provided by Harden Performance, fostering an efficient ecosystem for Ryan Harden’s clients. 

“Harden Essentials goes hand-in-hand with Harden Performance to help people live a better lifestyle in the long run,” shared Ryan. Harden Essentials boasts a supplement line created with top-notch ingredients and formulations. Utilizing a proprietary blend of Ashwagandha KSM 66, a trademark form of the herb with the highest bioavailability of extracts, Vitamin D2, and Lemon Balm for a calming effect, Ryan’s supplements are certainly a cut above the rest.

Overall, Ryan Harden is pushing the boundaries of the fitness industry with his emerging brands. In the near future, he hopes to expand the Harden Essentials product line to cater to the varying needs and demands of his potential clients. Equipped with a firebrand passion for helping people achieve life-changing fitness results, there’s just no stopping Ryan Harden from becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of fitness.


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