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Growth Innovated: The Solution to High-Quality Content Production for Business Owners and Brands

Currently, short-form content has become king in the social media world, especially video content. The brands or influencers with the most attention-grabbing, high-quality content are going to get the most eyeballs which in the realm of social media is currency. The standard for content is changing every day right before our eyes. Graphic designs, audio, animations, and even size ratios will all affect how effective and convertible your content will be. Many brands and Influencers struggle with not only putting together the content and developing new ideas and scripts but now they also need to ensure that their content is on par with the new said “standard”. 

Depending on a brand’s size or an influencer’s follower base it can be a very expensive task to bring on the number of team members it would take to produce extremely high-quality content at a rate that provides you with consistent postable content. Most of the time this puts pressure on them to either outsource some of their production work to a third party that might only specialize in bits and pieces. For example, some agencies might only help with one specific piece as in the video editing or scripting, or only the filming and the editing. This adds another layer of decisions for the brand or influencer because now they need to choose which third party help to bring on and hope that it’s enough to produce high-quality content consistently. 

For brand owners or influencers stuck in a situation, it’s often due to not being able to formulate the right hooks and scripting that works. This is where Growth Innovated steps in. Growth Innovated is a short-form content production agency that was founded by Boris Posykalyuk in late 2022. Although this is a young company, their growth has been incredible to watch. This company specializes in helping business owners and social media figures scale their personal brands by creating and distributing content that actually converts and resonates with their client’s target audience. Their process takes off loads of work that would be left for the business owner to do by providing an extremely white-glove service, taking care of everything needed to grow their online presence.

First, Growth Innovated is going to start with some market and audience research to ensure that the content and scripting ideas they will give to their clients are going to convert based on high-performing content already out in the space. This allows Growth Innovated to find what type of content is already working well in their clients’ industry and then add their clients’ personal touch, brand identity, and unique messaging to make it their own. Next, after figuring out the style of content that is right for their client, they will send over the content scripts so that their client can film the content and send it back to the team at Growth Innovated. Once the raw content is in the hands of Growth Innovated, they handle everything from editing, distributing, and even writing the captions for each organic post made.

So far in 2023, this process has resulted in over 250 million views across their clients’ content. In such a short amount of time, Growth Innovated has been able to produce content for over 100 business owners and brands. They have put themselves in a great position to work with some already big brands like Travis Mills, who has over 1 million followers on Instagram and started the band “Girlfriends”. Growth Innovated also helped Chris Cunningham, who is the Head of Influencer Marketing at ClickUp, grow his personal brand through video content on his social media. Cunningham has been with ClickUp since their beginning days, and now, being able to work on his personal brand, Growth Innovated has taken the majority of the legwork out of that process for him.

Within Growth Innovated’s first year of business, they project to generate close to 350 million views across their client accounts and help upwards of 200 more businesses and brands looking to grow their personal brands or social media presence. The impact that Boris and Growth Innovated will have on their clients will go far beyond just more views, as this high-quality and high-level content is actually converting for them, allowing them to monetize their clients’ brands better or attract ideal clients for their customers’ businesses. With this agency being so new in the industry and already finding so much success, there is no doubt that Growth Innovated is an agency to keep your eye on.



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