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Interview with OLY.B: Unveiling the "Breaking Time" Collection
Photo Courtesy: Dmitry Korikov

Interview with OLY.B: Unveiling the “Breaking Time” Collection

By: Natalie Brooks

Interviewer: Welcome, OLY.B! Your latest collection, “Breaking Time,” has generated quite a buzz in the art community. Could you share what inspired this new direction?

OLY.B: Thank you for having me! “Breaking Time” is a culmination of my reflections on legacy and the passage of time. I’ve always been fascinated by how certain figures leave an indelible mark on history, influencing generations beyond their own. This collection explores that enduring presence, using technology and traditional art to capture the essence of these iconic personalities.

Interviewer: The use of artificial intelligence in creating these portraits is quite groundbreaking. How did you integrate AI with your artistic process?

OLY.B: Integrating AI into my art was a transformative experience. I start by developing detailed prompts that guide the AI to produce initial images. These serve as a foundation, capturing the core likeness and spirit of the subjects. From there, I delve into a meticulous process of refinement, adding layers of detail, adjusting expressions, and infusing each portrait with a unique character and realism.

Interviewer: It sounds like a highly detailed and personal process. How do you decide when an AI-generated image meets your standards for further enhancement?

OLY.B: It’s very intuitive yet anchored in my vision for the piece. I look for a certain vibrancy and depth in the AI-generated images—something that resonates with the subject’s essence. Once I feel that connection, I know it’s the right foundation to build upon, bringing my artistic interpretation and manual skills into play.

Interviewer: The physical presentation of these works is equally fascinating, especially the use of shattered glass. What does this element symbolize in the context of “Breaking Time”?

OLY.B: The shattered glass represents the breaking of barriers—time, perception, and sometimes the barriers we construct around iconic figures. It’s about creating a space where the viewer can engage with these personalities in a more intimate, almost tactile manner. The glass shards introduce a dynamic, almost living texture, suggesting that these figures are not just past relics but active, influential presences in our world.

Interviewer: You’ve achieved significant acclaim for your solo show at Miami’s Art Basel and your other exhibitions. How do you see your work evolving after “Breaking Time”?

OLY.B: “Breaking Time” has opened new avenues of exploration for me, particularly in how I can blend different mediums and technologies. Going forward, I’m excited to delve deeper into this interplay, perhaps incorporating more interactive or immersive elements. My goal is to continue pushing the boundaries, creating art that not only reflects on the past but also engages with the present and future.

Interviewer: Your journey from Moscow to Los Angeles and now onto the global art stage is quite inspiring. What advice would you give to emerging artists looking to make their mark?

OLY.B: I’d say stay true to your vision and be willing to experiment. Art is a language that evolves, and finding your unique voice within it is key. Don’t be afraid to take risks, explore new technologies, and embrace the journey. It’s not just about the end result but the growth and discovery along the way.

Interviewer: Thank you, OLY.B, for sharing your insights and journey with us. Your “Breaking Time” collection offers a profound commentary on legacy and the power of art to transcend time. We’re excited to see where your artistic odyssey takes you next.

OLY.B: Thank you for the thoughtful conversation. I’m thrilled to continue exploring and sharing my art with the world.

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