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Marquita Moore Redefining Success Beyond the ‘Gram
Photo Courtesy: How I Grew Today

Marquita Moore: Redefining Success Beyond the ‘Gram

By: Michael L. Miller

In a world that often paints with the brush of perfection, Marquita Moore stands as a symbol of resistance. Her latest book, Feeling God: Search + Connect + Be, provides support for anyone seeking self-discovery and inspiration. 

Feeling God serves as both a roadmap and a companion for those navigating their own path. Part workbook, part inspirational guide – it encourages readers to be introspective, guiding them toward a deeper connection with their authentic selves. Through her online platform, How I Grew Today, Moore extends this message to a global audience.

By the age of 30, Moore had already made her mark as a host and moderator for BET and Oxygen networks and as an executive shaping global hip hop trends at Shawn Carter Enterprises and Roc Nation. On paper, her life seemed picture-perfect—a thriving career and a beautiful family. Yet, beneath the surface, Moore grappled with a profound sense of discontent.

“There was this nagging voice in my head telling me I was doing everything wrong,” Moore shares. “On the outside, I appeared to be successful, but on the inside, I knew I wasn’t being my authentic self—and I didn’t know how to access who that even was.”

Driven by a desire for deeper meaning, Moore made the decision to walk away from the traditional nine-to-five grind. It was a choice that would set her on a path of radical self-discovery, leading her to confront her own insecurities and redefine her understanding of success.

“I had no idea what happens when you decide to walk away; I just knew I couldn’t go on as I had been,” Moore reflects. “Taking that first step seemed impossible, but once I committed, it started a whole new beginning for me. And eventually, I reached a space in my life where I could boldly embrace everything about me; I was free to be me.”

Through introspection and self-reflection, Moore discovered the power of unraveling—allowing oneself to come undone in order to rebuild from a place of authenticity. This journey of self-discovery became the foundation of How I Grew Today, which is dedicated to fostering self-reflection, spiritual growth, and transformation.

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Photo Courtesy: How I Grew Today

Started in 2011, the How I Grew Today platform holds Moore accountable for being present and mindful in her daily life. 

Moore explains. ” It’s really a place where I can check-in daily and stop all the distractions happening in my life. It’s a place where individuals can come together to share their experiences, support one another and celebrate the beauty of self-discovery.”

At the heart of Moore’s message is a call to embracing one’s true self and living from a place of genuine expression. Moore is an author, inspirational conversationalist, cook, and culinary enthusiast – through How I Grew Today, she offers a wealth of resources, from heartfelt reflections to practical advice on topics ranging from cooking to fashion.

“Through the book, I encourage people to ask themselves who they are, what they want out of life, and how they are showing up in the world,” Moore says. “Going through that process was invaluable for me, and I know it can help so many others thrive.”

Moore’s impact extends far beyond the pages of her book or the confines of her online platform. She serves as a guiding light for those navigating life’s twists and turns—and a reminder that true success is not measured by likes and followers, but by the depth of real-life connections and the authenticity of every journey.

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Photo Courtesy: How I Grew Today

Published by: Martin De Juan


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