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Public Haus Agency Helps Active Lifestyle Brands Develop a Narrative and Gain Market Share

The active lifestyle marketplace is cluttered with brands vying for market share. With the barrier to entry for starting a brand so low and with scores of digital platforms making it easier than ever to launch a gear, gadget or fitness brand, it’s more important than ever for brands to craft a unique identity that will capture the imagination and loyalty of consumers.

Enter Public Haus Agency. Founded by Ryan Croy, a PR and marketing professional working in the brands space for well over two decades, the Los Angeles-based PR and marketing agency is carving a niche for itself by helping active lifestyle brands harness the power of earned media, influencer engagements, branded content and laser-focused digital marketing strategies to help them scale. 

With a nuanced understanding of the market and a team of passionate outdoors and active lifestyle enthusiasts, Public Haus offers brands more than garden variety marketing solutions. The agency brings to the table a wealth of experience, insights and tailored strategies that address the specific challenges and needs of brands in the active lifestyle and outdoors sector. 

“When it comes to standing out in the active lifestyle category, brands need to own and communicate an ethos that extends well beyond product efficacy,” said Croy. “The brands that thrive are the ones that can seamlessly weave their product into a narrative that resonates with consumers on a deeper level.” 

Croy underscores the power of storytelling. “Every brand must have a narrative that sets it apart, gives it an identity and makes it relatable,” he adds. “Our mission as an agency is to uncover, polish and present these stories in a way that not only uniquely promotes our clients but also creates a genuine connection with the audience.”

With a background in PR and brand communications, Croy and his team at Public Haus Agency prioritize earned media, knowing its impact often exceeds that of paid strategies when implemented properly. Earned media brings the advantage of third-party endorsement, adding credibility. Before any media relations efforts, Public Haus ensures a clear narrative across all consumer touchpoints. This narrative differentiates the brand from competitors and aligns with the audience’s needs and interests.

Public Haus also leverages the power of influencer engagements as a narrative driver and brand builder. In an age where influencers can make or break brands, aligning with the right personalities is crucial. “It’s about authenticity,” adds Croy. “When the right creators genuinely believe in a brand and its story, and communicate it authentically, their content bridges the trust gap between the brands and their audience, which is incredibly powerful.” 

The third component to effective brand building, according to Croy, is branded video content, which can be leveraged across a number of important channels – from social to email marketing to native advertising on YouTube. Gone are the days when consumers must endure an endless stream of advertisements. People can now forward through or skip ads altogether, making the case for quality branded content more compelling than ever. Public Haus helps both established and emerging active lifestyle brands attract consumer attention and engagement by turning their outdated video strategies into content deliverables that draw their customers in. 

Croy shares, “Today’s consumer is attracted to quality content, even if it’s branded or there is an implied marketing message. As long as the content reflects the brand’s core narrative and offers tangible value to the consumer, be it entertainment, information or inspiration, brands will see a much higher ROI than pushing out a battery of traditional product-focused content.”

Public Haus Agency’s clients range from active lifestyle startups to major category players, a testament to the agency’s approach and effectiveness. With each success story, they further solidify their position as leaders in active lifestyle marketing.

“Brands need more than just a product to stand out. They need a story, a voice and a strategy that all work in sync,” Croy adds. “In the end, it’s about forging genuine connections. That’s the heart of our approach and it’s what drives brand success in this industry.”

Feel free to learn more about Public Haus Agency by connecting with them via their website.


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