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Sit with Phenom: Phillip “Phenom” Robinson’s 4-Step Process Helps See Goals Through to the End

A creative mind is a chaotic mind, and many passionate creatives find it challenging to stay driven, inspired, and stick to goals. The rigidity of structured processes and the flow of creativity often clash, and it can be difficult to go through the struggle of reaching your dreams alone. Phillip “Phenom” Robinson knows these battles well, and after overcoming his share of obstacles, he has dedicated his life and career to helping others find the same success.

A native of North Carolina, Phillip developed a unique perspective of accomplishing goals by having one foot dipped in the world of artistic media and the other in the world of sports. His venture into broadcast media started as early as when he was 14 years old. He went on to graduate from North Carolina Central University a year early with a degree in Media Broadcast while also running Collegiate Cross Country and Track and Field. These two worlds collided when he became a producer for ESPN+ at the age of 24. 

With these experiences and more, it would be no surprise when Phillip discovered his love for storytelling. This new-found passion, coupled with the discipline and work ethic that he honed over the course of his university experiences and career in television, brought him incredible opportunities that ranged from presenting TEDx Talks, to publishing two books, to producing original music and even hosting his own podcast. 

Being able to reach these heights with no sign of stopping, Phillip realized these opportunities did not come through pure grace but through having the ability to work towards goals without derailment. After many years of providing moral support to countless friends who came to him for support and seeing a variety of projects of his creation through to the end, he decided to pursue his potential as a Life Coach.

“I didn’t choose to begin coaching, coaching chose me,” he shared. “I know what challenges will arise and how to prevent them from happening.” 

Excelling in time management, consistency, and goal-setting, Phillip knew that the system he had developed was worth sharing with the world. “It is an amazing feeling to accomplish personal goals, and I want everyone to be able to have that same feeling,” he expressed. The support that many had already shown to his venture into life coaching inspired him to take it more seriously, going as far as securing certification as a Life Coach — which, on top of his remarkable background and skills, is a badge of honor and legitimacy not many life coaches even consider.

A departure from the usual S.M.A.R.T. way of accomplishing goals, Phillip’s four-step process prioritizes clarity, proper goal-setting, and, most importantly, execution and accountability. This step-by-step process is engineered to help more individuals see their journeys through to the end.

“As a creative, I’ve been through the cycle of getting caught up in wanting to accomplish a variety of projects but not knowing how or where to start,” he explained. “It can become overwhelming and also cause many to overthink. The system I’ve created is recyclable to assist people in setting their goals and improving their time management with less stress.”

Phillip is keen on helping other passionate individuals reach their dreams. His many projects, on top of his services as a life coach, are a great opportunity for interested people to get started. “It happens way too often that people set their goals and aren’t able to accomplish them. It’s time for that to change,” he said.


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