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13DE MARZO: Future frontrunner in sustainable fashion and partnerships
Photo Credit: 13DE MARZO

13DE MARZO: Future frontrunner in sustainable fashion and partnerships

This slow-fashion brand is taking the industry by storm.


Debuting their latest ready-to-wear collection in September for London Fashion Week, 13DE MARZO continues to make significant strides within the fashion industry, achieving a turnover of over 100 billion in annual brand sales in 2023 alone. With their steadfast commitment to sustainability and groundbreaking collaborations, 13DE MARZO continues to solidify itself as a frontrunner within the fashion world. 

13DE MARZO latest collections are infused with fresh fashion concepts as they collaborate with powerhouse players such as Coca-Cola, Looney Tunes, Sanrio, amongst many others. Garnering widespread admiration from fans, 13DE MARZO continues to draw acclaim within the fashion industry and expands its global presence. Ahead of 2024, 13DE MARZO plans to develop over 30 new direct stores internationally and establish an animation and film production team, continuing their evolving brand presence to further invigorate their international IP. 

Amplifying their collaboration roster in 2024 with prominent name brands such as Thermos, Lays, Casetify, Vans, and more, 13DE MARZO demonstrates the integral necessity for cross-industry partnerships and their commitment to expanding future product lines across a diverse range of markets. After their notable success at one of the world’s major fashion weeks in the United Kingdom, 13DE MARZO will return in 2024 and is anticipating to participate in all 4 major global fashion weeks. Bolstering their international reputation, the brand will leverage their press media coverage alongside influential celebrities to continue to increase their commercial value and diverse fashion exhibitions. 

Focusing on sustainability, the brand promotes a “slow-fashion” ethos by ensuring their collections yield eco-friendly materials and digital design. Contributing to a longer life cycle of their products, 13DE MARZO creates a more sustainable fashion ecosystem and aligns themselves with future trend predictions that emphasize personalization and sustainability. By aligning themselves with evolving consumer preferences, 13DE MARZO’s strategy for global expansion spreads across various domains such as toys, clothing, animation and more as they merge technology within their products to create an appeal of futurism for audiences. 

13DE MARZO emphasizes innovation within their brand strategies, aside from fortifying their international partnerships across different sectors, the company is currently developing their upcoming official app including system upgrades that will further enhance consumer experiences. Bolstering their brand engagement, 13DE MARZO continues to develop their personal strategy of becoming a globally renowned brand.

With their dedication to global expansion via multiple avenues, 13DE MARZO holds a promising journey ahead and paves the way for a new standard in sustainability, collaboration and innovation.


Published By: Aize Perez


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