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A lifestyle of luxury lends itself to prestigious experiences unlike any other. Jewelry enthusiasts and patrons of luxury brands pride themselves on enjoying the finer things in life, but the overall experience of buying, selling, and trading luxury goods leave so much to be desired. Fortunately, with the emergence of CoJewlrs, collectors have been introduced to a space filled to the brim with pleasing aesthetics, a bustling community, and luxury all around. 

Founded by Stac Yagu, CoJewlrs is a shared space for private store owners and brand collectors to mingle, trade, and network. After being in the jewelry industry for over two decades, Stac Yagu has built a trusted network of friends who own private stores themselves. Realizing the position that he was in, he hatched a plan to start a major collaborative effort to elevate the luxury experience for all. Thus, CoJewlrs was born. 

CoJewlrs has opened its private space of boutique stores, offering many of the world’s biggest luxury brands. The brand has garnered a pristine reputation in the industry for its collection of timeless timepieces, estate jewelry, diamonds, designer handbags, fine eyewear, and stunning works of art. In addition, the luxury specialist brand has opened its doors to guests who enjoy trading their luxury items in a private and secure location. 

Vendors and guests alike are freely welcome to partake in the CoJewlrs experience. With a plethora of private boutique-style storefronts for resellers of all material goods, the brand has allowed a community of luxury enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade items without feeling the pressures of the traditional jewelry exchange setting. 

Elevating the luxury industry experience as a whole, CoJewlrs features a full bar with complimentary drinks and a lounge for vendors and guests to enjoy. Upon entering, guests are treated to a fantastic luxury aesthetic with well-curated items and a clean, well-lit environment. CoJewlrs oozes excellence at every turn, further elevating the experience for guests and vendors alike. 

CoJewlrs is a first-of-its-kind concept that has dominated the luxury industry as of late. Boasting mutual benefits for vendors and guests, the brand is cornering the B2B and B2C markets with sheer finesse and elegance. Vendors are introduced to a like-minded community that offers various luxury goods that promise tremendous value for B2B opportunities. On the other hand, guests will have the option to choose which proprietors they wish to work with based on the networks they can form. “Everyone has options, and that’s the best way to do good business,” shared the CoJewlrs team.

With a lineup of big-name luxury brands such as The Vault, Wrist Aficionado, Ameta Finance Group, Factory Pieces, Lavish Eyewear, Privé Collection, Rarity Designs, AMMRADA, and Stella Gallerie, CoJewlrs has become a force to be reckoned with in the ever-growing industry.

Stac Yagu has managed to create such a tremendous impact in the luxury world thanks to CoJewlrs. Providing a physical marketplace where high-end luxury brand sellers and buyers can gather and do business has been such a net positive for every member of the industry. Coupled with the privacy and security that only CoJewlrs can offer, there’s nowhere to go but up from here for the dazzling brand and its many patrons.

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