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Achieving Holistic Health in Obesity Management with Dr. Jones, DC

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Reaching holistic health in managing obesity is a complex journey that involves understanding the human body and making long-lasting changes. Leading this vital movement is Dr. Dean Jones, DC, an expert in holistic obesity management. His personal and professional experiences have led him to develop a new way of considering weight loss and keeping it off. His book, “Fast, Feast, and Flourish,” addresses the complex challenge of sustaining weight loss without lifelong reliance on medication.

Dr. Jones’s personal experience with obesity has driven his career. Once struggling with weight issues himself, he understands the physical and emotional challenges involved. His transformation from an overweight teen to a health-conscious professional has informed his approach to obesity management, emphasizing empathy and scientific understanding.

 Dr. Jones’s book introduces the FLOA Protocol, a unique combination of GLP-1 medications, peptides, and strategic fasting. This protocol is designed to counter the common belief that sustainable weight loss is unattainable without ongoing medication. Dr. Jones’s method, rooted in scientific research, is designed for accessibility and aims to empower individuals to control their metabolic health.

The book also emphasizes the role of GLP-1 medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. Though initially developed for diabetes, these drugs have shown significant effects in controlling hunger, thus aiding weight loss. Dr. Jones advocates for their use as temporary measures and provides a plan for gradually discontinuing them while maintaining weight loss results. This perspective is part of a broader view on addressing insulin resistance and advocating for long-term health strategies over temporary solutions.

Dr. Jones’s professional practice, Colorado Medical Solutions, with Denver and Colorado Springs centers, reflects his philosophy. The clinic adopts a functional health approach, prioritizing cost-effective treatments and steering patients away from reliance on prescription drugs and surgical interventions. Instead, the focus is on lifestyle modifications and natural health practices.

Dr. Jones’s personal weight loss journey informs his approach. Having overcome obesity himself, he understands the challenges and rewards of the process. His experience with prolonged fasting, a key component of the FLOA Protocol, demonstrates its effectiveness. This method is described as a reset for the body, offering a more impactful and lasting solution than intermittent fasting.

Despite the success of the FLOA Protocol, Dr. Jones acknowledges that GLP-1 medications like Semaglutide might remain the best option for some individuals. His aim is not to provide a universal solution but to offer alternatives for those interested in reducing long-term medication dependence.

Fast, Feast, and Flourish” goes beyond being a mere weight loss guide; it challenges conventional weight management practices and promotes a holistic, sustainable approach. This approach is particularly relevant for individuals over 30 who understand health and wellness more deeply. The book serves as a valuable resource for anyone pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Jones’s approach to weight loss is both innovative and practical. His FLOA Protocol, detailed in his book, offers a new viewpoint on effectively managing obesity. By combining GLP-1 medications with strategic fasting, he presents a viable solution for those seeking to maintain weight loss without lifelong dependence on drugs. His focus on sustainable health practices and addressing the root causes of weight issues sets his method apart.


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