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Adrienne Gates
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Serial Entrepreneur Adrienne Gates Leads People to Gain Financial Freedom

Anyone can make money as an entrepreneur, but it takes a visionary to pursue multiple business ventures and simultaneously pave the way for other entrepreneurial minds to enter the race. Serial entrepreneur Adrienne Gates is not only making waves by making money for herself, but she is also a trailblazer for diverse business owners by helping them kickstart their journeys.

Adrienne is the founder of three successful and growing companies; EZ Money Tax Solutions, a tax preparation company, Cache Enterprises, a funding program company, and P.O.W.E.R Atlanta Inc., which aims to teach financial literacy and spread awareness and education to underserved communities.

Like other entrepreneurs, Adrienne started her journey out of near dire circumstances. She was the first in her family to enter entrepreneurship and began without much knowledge of the segments that oversees today. Since day one, Adrienne has poured her heart and soul into her businesses. One of her ventures has already eclipsed the six-figure marker, a milestone that was once considered out of reach, especially for small businesses in today’s emotionally charged and ever-changing economy.

“We strive to give families comfort and pace of mind through educating underserved communities, specializing in the areas of financial literacy, personal development, job readiness, and the necessary tools to build healthy families” Adrienne relayed.

Upon seeing the lack of emotional support among some of the most impoverished communities in the country, Adrienne knew she wanted to be a part of the solution. Hence, her rooting her business philosophy in making a lasting impact by providing people with support, resources, and services online.

Adrienne is no stranger to living life with a freestyle approach to finances. She was introduced to the consequences of making irresponsible life decisions at a young age, and the need to not only master but to spread financial literacy. Before building her businesses, she sold real estate, helping struggling single mothers with attaining some portion of the “American dream” by helping them buy homes. Adrienne has not turned her back from helping others since.

In addition to helping others rise above their financial circumstances, Adrienne is also committed to helping entrepreneurs by guiding them through the maze of tax matters. From handling complex financial transactions, to determining the right tax strategy suited for their tax situation, budget, and preference.

“In five years, I see all three entities fully staffed and offering quality products and services”, Adrienne shared. She also stated that she would continually expand her product knowledge, continuing to build strong client relations, and expand sales. Above all, Adrienne aims to coach others towards success and become the mentor she wished she had when she started her journey. After facing her fair share of ups and downs, she assures everyone that the rollercoaster ride was worth it. She hopes that her story will help inspire others to pursue their own passions and leave their own impact on the rest of the world.



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