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Anna Goryacheva, Renowned Pianist and Founder of Elite Piano Institute, Is Breaking New Ground in Music Education

In 2011, Anna Goryacheva was selected as Dean’s Full Scholarship Winner at the USC Thornton School of Music. Here began the career of a lifetime as Anna started a prestigious Artist Diploma Program at the University of Southern California, far away from her birthplace in Russia.  

By then Goryacheva’s musical career had already met high standards and expectations. Anna lived in Moscow – the musical capital of Europe. She had graduated from one of the world’s finest music institutions – the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music – and had a stable job at a music school, but she felt there were other areas she could expand upon.

Anna realized that she would never reach her full potential if remaining in a comfort zone, so she decided to move to the United States and begin her professional journey from scratch. 

Anna has proven that pushing herself beyond the limits pays off, as she is an award-winning pianist, recording artist, educator, and entrepreneur today. 

She conveys her talents as a pianist throughout the world by remaining true to herself and always being open to new possibilities. Anna performed recitals in Russia, the United States, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, and Sweden as a brilliant soloist and chamber musician.

Even reaching for the stars, Anna knew she could give more with her musical ability than performances alone. Having a tenacious spirit and being business savvy, Anna knew that she could start her own business in the piano industry. 

The new chapter began when she started her studies at USC. She has been a piano accompanist at USC Thornton for 5 years, collaborating with many talented instrumentalists and conductors. After completing her Artist Diploma and Masters degree Anna became a staff pianist at two leading schools in California – USC Kaufman School of Dance and UCLA Alpert School of Music. At the same time she was building her private piano studio in South Bay, Los Angeles. The knowledge she gained working at USC and UCLA, as well as having extensive  teaching experience, made her ready to establish her own distinctive brand. 

As an artist, Anna has always aspired to launch something unique that would inspire others and transform their lives. 

Therefore in 2017 she founded the Elite Piano Institute – a Piano School and educational project known for coaching music educators and training pianists of all levels in America and abroad. Offering a vast range of services and instruction, the Elite Piano provides the highest level of piano lessons, coaching music teachers, producing international piano festivals and competitions, organizing musical events, recitals, master classes, and music workshops. Within four years, under the leadership of Goryacheva, the Elite Piano Institute has partnered with the leading festivals and competitions around the globe, creating unique performance opportunities for young pianists and helping their talent to get discovered. 

In 2020 the Elite Piano Institute became a leading piano business in Los Angeles along with Steinway and Sons. The Elite Piano projects and services are now trusted by over a thousand aspiring musicians, teachers, and students. 

Anna’s affinity for being unique is reflected in her music school. She combines all her skills and rich life experiences to provide a musical education rooted in the heritage of the Russian piano schooling that played a pivotal role in her life. She dedicates her expertise and international connections to bolster those under her care and tutelage.
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