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Automotive Photographer Josh Higbee Expands His Personal Brand

Josh Higbee is an automotive photographer who is an expert in cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, side by side, off-roading machines and traveling. He is also a content creator for private clients, youtubers, resorts, and many other businesses. 

When Josh was still a young boy, he loved looking at pictures of cars, and it didn’t matter whether they were in books or posters. He has been doing small side businesses growing up, and when he came across automotive photography, he found his passion. He told himself, “One day, when I get old enough, I’m going to figure out how I can get to being around those nice cars and take pictures of them so I can hang up my own poster. If other people also happen to like and want one and are willing to pay me for my work, then that’s just a bonus.” Many years later, he is now living his dream. Josh’s great grandfather was a fantastic painter, well-loved and known for his talent and skill as an artist.

Josh says in an interview, “I grew my personal brand and do what I love to do and now am super successful. Anything is possible. You can be happy and successful even for people like me who never attended college and did not get any degree.” He also loves the idea of being paid while doing what you love to do. 

Before pursuing photography, he worked as an auto mechanic for several years with several certifications. He has a background in building and accessorizing side-by-sides, razors, trucks, bikes, and so on. Josh has recently worked with highly influential people on social media. He serves other entrepreneurs, YouTubers, car enthusiasts and influencers like @thestradman. He had the privilege of working with luxury car owners and collectors, motorcycle enthusiasts, car club attendees and hosts, automotive art collectors, and important figures in the racing scene.

Josh Higbee is an artist with a big heart for family. He shared once in an interview, “I don’t want my future kids to have to grow up seeing their parents struggling financially, not being able to go or do fun things because I can’t afford to take time off because we got bills and debts to pay. My family for generations has been on the lower end of the financial spectrum, and I want to be the one to change that. I want to be able to grow a successful family legacy.”

Josh is very passionate about his work and believes that with enough drive, anything is possible. He believes that it is not about the money but about the passion for what you want to do. On top of selling various sizes of pictures printed as posters and frame pictures, he is also building his own line of merchandise and various products like gym bags, hoodies, and flags to hang on the wall. 

Soon, he envisions running a successful personal branding business that earns multiple six figures a year . He dreams of traveling to different places to expand his brand with his friends and work with different brands and people. In addition, he would continuously grow his automotive collection and collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs. 

Josh Higbee sees his brand expanding to an amazon store and multiple ecommerce stores. He thinks it would be fun to also start his own jewelry business and design and sell his own high-end watch line. You can see Josh Higbee’s work by visiting his website, personal Instagram, and automotive Instagram.


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