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Brandon “Uno” Williams on Creating a Unique New Hairstyle and Mentoring Stylists to Scale Their Brands

Regardless of which industry one strives to get into, competition will always be abundant, filling the air with electricity and a desire to outdo the other. However, not everyone shares such sentiments. In the cosmetology industry, Brandon “Uno” Williams is a renowned figure who strives to help others reach their maximum potential. 

A resident of Atlanta, Ga and a native of St. Louis, Missouri, Brandon “Uno” Williams is known around the area for his role in advancing the industry as a hairstylist, creator, and innovator. He is the proud owner of the establishment Hair By Uno Studio Salon, which is a testament to his twenty years of experience in the industry. 

Uno is best known for creating the patent-pending Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, a hairstyle that he created to achieve a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair for women of color. His venture is the first in the business, giving women of color (specifically Black women) a unique style that’s achievable as a same day service.. The technique became so  popular that it started to catch on with other people. Hair Stylists worldwide  started reaching out, asking how they could make the same style for their clients.

While most people would have kept the secret to themselves, Uno didn’t share such sentiments. “With all humility, I don’t view anyone as my competitor,” he explained. “I saw an open market for a service that no one seemed to be perfecting, nor seemed to be interested in figuring out.” Although many other hairstylists do the platinum pixie styles, their works are often left textured and unpolished. Uno’s Perfect Platinum Pixie technique isn’t.

“Many people come to the salon and want the same thing that everyone else has, the same style that they’ve had for years, or maybe even a look that the stylist isn’t familiar with,” said Uno. “I am providing a new option for those stylists. Additionally, I want them to see that they too can increase their revenue by trying new things. This is a high-value service and can help them increase their client base as well as their prestige.”

With a number of stylists reaching out, Uno decided to start teaching classes in 2020. In over a year, he helped create over 250  Perfect Platinum Pixie Specialists. They are providing  this  service to women in their hometowns, including a few  celebrities. Uno is currently building a global tribe of certified hair stylists who use his method to grow their brands. The seasoned hairstylist prides himself on being a supportive pillar in business for new and veteran stylists who need mentoring in developing and scaling their companies.

Brandon “Uno” Williams hopes to expand his business and venture into other platforms as a means of generating revenue. He foresees a promising future as a multi-millionaire or billionaire, calling the shots from the comforts of his home.

Learn more about Brandon “Uno” Williams and The Perfect Platinum Pixie by visiting his official website.

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