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Charlene Byars
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Dating Coach Charlene Byars Empowers Successful Women to Revolutionize Their Dating Experience

Most people would think that successful women often have it easy when it comes to relationships. But, without a doubt, a lot of these women will readily debunk these assumptions, as being successful in a career or business does not guarantee success in romantic relationships. Dating and relationship coach Charlene Byars understands this reality, and it is for this reason that she developed an innovative program with tools and coaching services to help successful women revolutionize their dating experience. 

Charlene is the founder of The Byars Company, an organization committed to helping women take their romantic relationships to the next level. Its ultimate core value is seeing women have amazing relationships with themselves and the people they love. She is also an empowerment coach and certified leader of women. Charlene is also best known as a columnist, inspirational speaker, and course developer. 

“Our programs are unique because they are designed to change the way people approach dating, manage their romantic relationships, and help people truly attract their soul-aligned partner,” shared Charlene. “Because 95% of the success of a relationship is based on who you choose from the beginning, the focus of our programs is to empower women to create amazing relationships with themselves and build the romantic relationship they desire. This allows them to attract men they have true alignment with.”

The program Charlene designed is highly recommended for professional women who are in control and have figured everything out in their careers and businesses except for their love life. Shocking as it may sound, but the reality of successful women failing to find a genuine and lasting romantic relationship is a prevalent concern today. Charlene hopes to help change that by helping her clients find the men they desire and truly deserve. 

“My formula is to help women have amazing relationships with themselves, activate relationship polarity, get over their past relationship patterns, embody their own feminine essence, and learn what dating should be all about, which is getting to know different people, having fun and showing up as your true authentic self,” Charlene explained. 

Charlene’s program offers several resources her clients can use to further boost their self-confidence in the dating game. Interested women can sign up for her free masterclass, How to Start Attracting Devoted, Masculine Men in 30 Days or Less. She highly recommends this class as the entry point to Chosen, her online course designed to help women achieve an intimate and more profound connection with the men they have relationships with. Her website also offers a free Conversation Worksheet, a resource uniquely made to help successful people have strategic conversations. Additionally, women can learn more about her ebook titled “I Do! Creating Your Happily Ever After,” for engaged or newly married couples. 

Overall, Charlene wants to reassure people that they are not broken by what has happened in their past. Instead, Charlene believes that everything a woman needs to heal old hurts and have the relationship she desires is already inside them, and it just needs to be activated. Acknowledging feelings of pain is key for people to start experiencing emotional healing. She believes it does not matter what they have experienced in the past or how hurtful they are. What matters most is that they learn how to rise above their past hurts and use these experiences to strengthen their authentic selves. 


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