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Cris Cawley Reveals How She Built The Leading Publishing Company of Choice for Entrepreneurs

Change is among the constant things in life, and in one’s career, it can happen more often than they expect, from a shift in the way operations is conducted to a shift in the career. For Cris Cawley, it was a priority that changed throughout her professional career. Since then, she has not only made a name for herself in the coaching and consulting world, but she has also built a very popular publishing company that has been instrumental in helping thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide make a massive impact.

Cris Cawley is an award-winning coach, marketer, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Game Changer Publishing. She started her career serving corporate clients but, over time, realized that she was more passionate about working with entrepreneurs, walking through the process with them step by step to help them reach the levels of success they had long dreamed about. 

In 1998, Cris started her entrepreneurial journey. Navigating through all of the noise throughout her first few years in the business, Cris gained many valuable skill sets that would be the foundation of her massive industry success and later be the cornerstones of her business.

Since 1998, Cris Cawley has served more than 155,000 clients over two decades, helping them gain critical knowledge, insight, and experience in their own ventures. Through her book publishing, coaching/consulting and mastermind programs, she has helped clients leverage their expertise and passion into profits mainly through high ticket programs, digital courses and book publishing. 

Cris has shared the stage with some of the country’s most sought-after speakers and thought leaders. She has fulfilled her passion for entrepreneurship through her career, helping other entrepreneurs spanning in age from 13-80 years old, make a positive impact on the world, and “figure out,” and profit from publishing a bestselling book. Her company, Game Changer Publishing, has become one of the leading publishing companies for top coaches, consultants and thought leaders worldwide.

Game Changer Publishing stands out from other industry publishing titans with its unique approach to the process. Unlike most companies, Game Changer Publishing is focused on publishing books and marketing them to bestseller status, and then also creating a platform for authors to expand their reach, gain more credibility, and help them become thought leaders in their field.

“We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs across the globe publish bestselling books that drive to the clients backend high ticket offer so that they can scale their businesses quickly,” said Cawley. We help clients publish a bestselling book in 90 days or less for more income, impact, and influence.”

Cawley also offers online group coaching and mastermind programs to her clients. With the small group and mastermind offerings, she has hit a sweet spot with her ever-growing stable of well known clients. Many former clients coached by Cawley, describe her mentorship as “refreshingly different,” “results-oriented,” and “life-changing.”

With the level of success that Cris Cawley has obtained over the past two decades, she has dedicated to giving back a percentage of her profits to charities close to her heart, especially those that benefit children. In addition, she has touched the lives of thousands with her programs. Cris strives to positively impact the world every day while serving her clients.  She is passionate about helping those less fortunate and wants to utilize her financial resources and worldwide influence to spread positive change in the world and she hopes to scale Game Changer Publishing to a $100 million dollar company, using the  profits to help raise up the next generation of entrepreneurs and do good in the world!

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