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Dave Curl Teases Release of New EP and Talks Writing Songs That Resonate With Today’s Listeners

Artists of the past and present have long played around with beats and penned lyrics to deliver the perfect companion to people’s most mundane of days and the soundtrack to the most memorable ones. Dave Curl, a multitalented musician known for his soulful lyrics and catchy melodies, has managed to capture countless listeners’ attention by releasing songs that take them on an emotional journey. Set to drop a new EP this year and solidify his standing in the industry, he is widely considered one of the must-watch forces in today’s music scene.

A rising name whose songs have found their way into over 500 Spotify playlists, the Switzerland-based singer-songwriter may have dipped his toes officially in the competitive and saturated industry in 2015, but he’s been deeply interested in the craft way before then. Boasting over two decades of experience marrying melodies and meaningful lyrics, Dave Curl started writing his own songs immediately after learning how to play the guitar twenty years ago.

While Dave Curl is admittedly lauded for his warm and deep vocals, as well as his talent when it comes to blanketing words strung together with beats and rhythms, the appeal of his discography can be credited to his approach toward songwriting. “My compositions are based on feelings and situations I encounter in my daily life,” shared the multifaceted personality. This emphasis on drawing inspiration from realities that people from all walks of life often share enables him to connect with his audience and provoke a profound response in anyone who listens. 

The extent to which his tracks resonate with the lived experiences of his listeners has propelled Dave Curl toward the limelight and made every project from this passion-fueled songwriter highly anticipated. So it did not come as a surprise why his debut album was warmly received. Made available in March 2021, Introducing served as a collection of his previously released work and featured an acoustic version “These Days.” Apart from giving listeners an intimate first glimpse into who he is as an artist, the album also showcased his potential to become a household name one day. 

On November 12, 2021, Dave Curl gained a more solid foothold in the music scene when he released “Had Enough,” a rock anthem about standing up to negativity. Accompanied by a standout music video on YouTube, it highlighted his efforts toward using music as a tool to talk about what matters.

The heavy premium Dave Curl continues to place on conveying messages through his discography was evident in his newest track, “Shallow Show,” which tells the story of being bothered by a catfish trying to lure people in by sending them fake erotic messages. For his 2022 EP, the same commitment to shedding light on today’s realities could be expected from this purpose-driven musician. 

Armed with big plans, Dave Curl is set to cement his position in the music industry with future EPs and creative endeavors. In the meantime, the Swiss-born artist is enjoying his life in Winterthur, Switzerland, with his wife and daughter.


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