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Defying Odds: The Accelerated Journey of Josh Cummings in Hollywood
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Defying Odds: The Accelerated Journey of Josh Cummings in Hollywood

A little over a year ago, Josh Cummings stepped foot on the golden coast of Los Angeles and into an entirely different world: from a corporate setting, tightly bound in suits and ties, to the liberating, yet intimidating, world of modeling in bustling Hollywood. Shaping life on his own terms, Cummings dared to shift gears and venture into an entirely new journey that could easily grind others to a halt.

Hailing from the industrious city of Detroit, Cummings spent his days cataloged under a corporate file as a project manager, spending years instilling a high level of precision, coordination, and communication within a company’s framework. Life revolved around creating efficiency, ensuring seamless operation, and ensuring contractors and architects adhered to the high standards set forth by company owners.

However, recurring visits to his sister over the years ignited a new fire in the depths of his heart. The sunshine state beckoned with an appealing quality of life, overcrowded with opportunities. Despite his earlier reservations, California was slowly seeping into his veins like a poison of opportunities.

A project manager position surfacing in Los Angeles was the final push he needed. Offered the job, Cummings took the leap, bravely stepping away from his comfort zone in search of a new adventure. Quite unexpectedly for someone who had veered from conventional arenas, Cummings started pursuing a career in modeling by March this year.

In no time, Hollywood seemed to unfurl its red carpet for Cummings. He worked with lauded designers like Cross Colours, a chic 90s brand previously adorned by luminaries like Tupac and Will Smith. He emerged under the spotlight for NYFW Fall ’23, mastering the runway for Nyla Courture and Faya Athletics on Runway 7. His charisma also found its way into music videos, featured in three major performances including Mary Diamonds and Coi Leray.

While Hollywood showered its blessings upon Cummings, his heart and inspiration remained rooted back home. His family – his parents and industrious uncles who dabbled in various careers from real estate to finance – were the essence of his drive and perseverance. When he bought his first house in 2020, it was a family union that stemmed together to remodel and refurbish. The combined effort left expansive impacts on Cummings – lessons in laying floors, installing an oven, or fixing lights – reflective of the spirit of perseverance and industry that permeated his family.

However, the spotlight does not entirely seize upon Cummings’ familial heroes. His wall of influence boasts names like Will Smith, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and Drake, all of whom have carved their distinct spaces through diligence, vision, and resilience.

Cummings’s journey is an emphatic testament to his philosophy of life. He firmly stands by his motto: “Fail fast! Go out there and chase your dreams, do what you love and what you want to do. If it doesn’t work out it’s okay, not everything is meant for you. Fail fast so you can learn from your mistakes. Understand you’ll get there if you keep putting in the work.”

Josh Cummings’ unexpected yet successful transition from a corporate manager to a thriving model in Hollywood isn’t just a tale of success. It’s a story of embracing risk, carving a fresh path, and defying norms. While he continues to dazzle under the California sun, his relentless spirit and exemplary work ethic prove that he was indeed meant for the Golden State. Follow his journey on Instagram @jcledom to bask in the light of his inspiration.


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