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Dino Rizzo: Strategies for Church Outreach Teams

Dino Rizzo: Effective Strategies for Church Outreach Teams

With over 35 years of ministry experience, Dino Rizzo emphasizes the critical role of outreach in church activities. His comprehensive approach, as outlined in his book Serve Your City, focuses on practical measures to establish and strengthen outreach teams, fostering community service and involvement. Rizzo’s methodologies are designed to not only build but also sustain active engagement through innovative practices that resonate with community needs. This ensures that the outreach teams are well-prepared to handle various challenges while enhancing their impact on local and broader communities. Through his guidance, churches can develop robust systems that nurture lasting relationships and community betterment.

Fundamental Strategies to Develop Your Outreach Team

Invest in Prayer

Dino Rizzo advocates for prayer as a foundational practice for all ministry leaders. He believes that consistent prayer is essential, not only as a spiritual practice but also in seeking divine guidance to identify the right individuals for outreach initiatives. By entrusting the formation of the team to spiritual insights, leaders can align their efforts with broader divine plans.

Identify Potential Team Members

Spotting individuals who share a passion for service is crucial. Rizzo suggests that potential team members often appear along one’s path when leaders actively engage with their community. Recognizing these individuals requires a keen sense of observation and an openness to see beyond the obvious, considering people’s potential for contributing to the team’s goals.

Invite Participation

Invitation is a simple yet profound step in team building. Rizzo stresses the importance of explicitly inviting people to join the outreach efforts. This involves not assuming willingness and recognizing that some may hesitate to volunteer. A direct invitation can empower and encourage participation from those who might otherwise remain passive.

Equip Your Team

Equipping the team with necessary tools and training is akin to setting them up for success. According to Rizzo, think of yourself as a CEO where the outreach team members are akin to employees who need direction, support, and resources to perform effectively. Selecting the right tools and training depends on the skills needed and the community needs being addressed.

Empower Members

Empowerment is key to nurturing a motivated and productive team. Rizzo advises giving team members ownership of tasks and projects, which boosts their confidence and demonstrates trust in their capabilities. This approach not only enhances their effectiveness but also fosters a sense of belonging and commitment within the team.

Engage Consistently

Continuous engagement with the team is crucial for sustained success. Dino Rizzo highlights the importance of remaining actively involved with the team, providing ongoing support, encouragement, and empowering members to take initiative, which makes the experience enjoyable. This engagement helps maintain high morale and ensures that the outreach efforts are not only effective but also cohesive. By consistently empowering and involving team members, leaders foster a proactive environment where outreach activities thrive and evolve in alignment with community needs.

About Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo serves as the Executive Director of the Association of Related Churches (ARC), overseeing the planting of over 1,000 churches globally. He co-founded Healing Place Church and is a key member of the Senior Leadership Team at Church of the Highlands. His contributions to community service and church leadership are widely recognized through his publications and active engagement in ministry leadership.


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