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Dive Deep with Ginger DeClue: The Detox Diva and Iridology Innovator

How To Be Healed with the Power of Your Peepers

Welcome to the vibrant, transformative world of detox and wellness where Ginger DeClue sparkles like a freshly-cut diamond. Renowned for her unique healing prowess and mesmerizing iridology skills, she is the beacon of hope for those plagued by chronic illnesses, leading them on the path of holistic healing. 

Ginger’s ever-growing, loyal online fanbase mirrors her expanding influence in the wellness sector. Her comprehensive detox programs have brought about astounding improvements in the well-being of thousands, rightfully earning her rave reviews. Yet, the crux of Ginger’s phenomenal success lies in iridology, an age-old technique of analyzing the iris to uncover hidden health vulnerabilities.

Iridology, you ask? Think of it as reading an intriguing tale of your health through the colorful patterns of your iris. Iridologists like Ginger decipher these captivating patterns using complex charts where every iris section corresponds to a specific body part or aspect. As Ginger enlightens us, this centuries-old practice helps practitioners decipher how environmental toxins and waste influence our health. “By investigating distinct markings and color alterations, I can recognize the potential harm waste can cause to one’s health,” she states. However, Ginger is quick to remind us that iridology should be viewed as a health gauge, not a diagnostic tool. Interestingly, she has noted a striking improvement in the iris appearance of individuals who undertake detox and cleansing routines, a sign of the body’s cleansing journey.

Ginger’s iridology adventure began as she grappled with chronic illnesses. After frustrating weeks of intense symptoms and misdiagnosis, she found herself at Moss Rehab in Philadelphia. Here, she was diagnosed with encephalitis but the cause remained elusive. To manage her symptoms, she was prescribed numerous medications and later diagnosed with Behçet’s disease and familial Mediterranean fever. But Ginger refused to resign herself to a life overshadowed by chronic diseases. “The moment I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, I plummeted into a dark pit of depression as the only solution offered was a lifetime of medication,” she shares. Driven by her craving for holistic healing, Ginger embarked on a self-healing journey, eventually unearthing the potential of iridology.

Through extensive study, Ginger came to realize the significance of hands-on experience in mastering iridology. “My practice is based on what I’ve personally tried and found effective, after poring over a plethora of health books and learning from my mentors,” she says. While she does have an iridology certificate from Dr. Morse, her true expertise originates from examining over 4,000 sets of eyes. “No book or course can rival the wisdom acquired from practical experience, and trust me, I’ve had plenty!” Ginger declares with confidence. She also shares a fascinating insight about eye color: “Believe it or not, there are only two genuine eye colors: brown and blue. I’ve NEVER encountered true green or hazel eyes. Most of the time, it’s just a buildup causing the unusual hue.” Equipped with this wealth of knowledge and experience, Ginger has guided over 3,000 individuals through the acclaimed Detox by DeClue’s D8 Cellular Reconstruction System.

For a nominal fee, Ginger provides an easy-to-access iridology reading. “Once they’ve completed their purchase, students receive guidelines on taking iris pictures. A cell phone camera usually suffices, and most manage to take the images on their own. They then submit these photos along with a brief health history and their health aspirations,” she explains. 

Upon receiving the images, Ginger meticulously inspects the eyes to identify any toxin accumulation. She then compiles a detailed 14-page report within 48-72 hours, elaborating on each body part. This personalized report is followed by an extensive consultation with one of Ginger’s detox consultants, who delve into the findings, clarify health-related queries, and determine eligibility for the full-body D8 Cellular Reconstruction System detox program. 

A memorable incident in Ginger’s career underscores her remarkable ability to identify health issues through iridology. Recounting her experience with a client who had recently experienced a devastating breakup, Ginger reveals, “Upon examining their eyes, I noticed significant lacunae near the heart and lung area.” The findings prompted Ginger to inform the client of possible heart and lung damage. “Their response was that they’d been in a horrific accident affecting their shoulder and lung.” This incident reinforced Ginger’s faith in iridology’s power to expose undisclosed health conditions.

A unique advantage of Ginger’s iridology reports is the comfort and validation they offer her students. “Many students express immense relief when their health complaints, previously dismissed by traditional medicine, are acknowledged through iridology,” Ginger shares. “When they hear me say, ‘You may be experiencing these symptoms because I’m noticing this marking,’ they feel an overwhelming sense of validation. Someone finally believes in their pain.” Ginger DeClue’s extraordinary journey from chronic disease sufferer to a leading detox coach and iridology expert is a glowing testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and healing. With her deep knowledge and enthusiasm, she continues to inspire individuals to take charge of their health, offering a beacon of hope and a roadmap to wellness.

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