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Empowerment & Pampering in Every Box: Besti's Holistic Approach to Period Care
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Empowerment and Pampering in Every Box: Besti’s Holistic Approach to Period Care

Life can be a whirlwind, juggling responsibilities that become even more overwhelming when that time of the month arrives. Thankfully, women no longer need to grin and bear it or feel unprepared when their period arrives, all thanks to the uniquely useful period care brand, Besti. Besti is revolutionizing the period care space, aiming to make the PMS experience not only endurable but enjoyable.

Besti’s subscription model delivers perfectly customized period care boxes to your doorstep. This purpose-driven period care brand acts as a self-care ally, dedicated to helping you prioritize your well-being when you need it most. Besti makes self-care significantly more convenient and accessible, offering refreshing features to maximize comfort and empower pampering.

With a deep understanding of women’s needs, Besti provides all-organic, eco-friendly feminine hygiene products free from harsh and toxic chemicals. Recognizing that cravings are a highly common symptom of PMS, the brand satisfies those pesky cravings with a delectable array of snack options that keep cravings at bay without compromising healthy eating.

Besti syncs its boxes with a user’s menstrual cycle, ensuring that their feminine hygiene and self-care needs are always met on time. The brand also offers a free, trustworthy period tracker that prioritizes privacy. From spa-grade self-care products like face masks and bath soaks to gluten-free and unrestricted snack choices, every box is curated to enhance relaxation during your period. Besti’s helpful offerings also encompass eco-friendly hygiene alternatives, such as menstrual cups and period underwear, tailored to the individual needs of all women. Its user-friendly online quiz also simplifies the process of curating your Besti box.

The visionary creator behind Besti is familiar with the chaos of life. Like many women, she has balanced work and family commitments, often neglecting personal needs while caring for others. Besti was her ingenious solution to the experience of a period arriving and lacking the necessary items. Besti eliminates the need to frantically search for a pad or rely on someone else to run to the store, only to return with the wrong product. Now, Besti ensures you’re prepared well in advance for all your needs.

Providing much-needed support, Besti’s subscription and educational resources relieve you of the added responsibility of preparing for your period. Besti is beneficial not only to women but also to men, who find joy in gifting Besti products to their loved ones as a meaningful way to support the women in their lives during their periods.

While Besti excels in saving you time and stress during your period, its benefits extend beyond convenience. Besti’s mission revolves around holistic well-being and social good. The brand has partnered with Planet and Workwell Industries to make a positive impact on the environment and underserved communities.

Besti understands that comfort is paramount, which is reflected in their practical and beautifully packaged boxes. No longer do you need to relegate self-care to the back of your to-do list. Besti empowers you to prioritize pampering, transforming a typically draining time of the month into a delightful and empowering experience.


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