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Entrepreneurial Excellence: Business Success through the Lens of Armando Colimodio

Entrepreneurship is certainly not for the faint-hearted. It takes a unique blend of courage, resolve, and a flair for innovation to turn a simple idea into a thriving enterprise. It’s about venturing into uncharted territories, exploring new avenues, and, sometimes, balancing several different businesses at once.

Moreover, the ability to spot opportunities where others see voids or challenges and having the grit and resourcefulness to transform those opportunities into success stories is yet another facet of being a successful entrepreneur. It’s also a space where serial entrepreneur Armando Colimodio has proven his mettle – more than once.

Venezuelan-born Colimodio immigrated to the U.S. as a youth, pursuing a mechanical engineering degree in Buffalo, New York. Upon graduation, he moved to Florida and later to North Carolina, where he worked as an engineer for many years. During his tenure in North Carolina, his company was acquired by a European enterprise, offering Colimodio a chance to work in Spain for a while.

However, circumstances led Colimodio to return to Florida, where he decided to venture out alone this time. With a (re)awakened entrepreneurial spirit, Colimodio founded not one but two firms within a short time – Colrod Trading LLC and Colsen Fire Pits.

Whether it was introducing aesthetically pleasing and functional fire pits through Colsen or offering a broad range of everyday life products such as bath kneelers, shower filters, or power extensions with Colrod, Colimodio has demonstrated a unique knack for discovering untapped opportunities and filling market gaps with innovative, high-quality solutions.

Reflecting on the decision-making process that typically leads him to lay the groundwork for his ventures, Colimodio insists that a genuine love and passion for the service and the products one wishes to provide is paramount.

“You need to believe in your product, service, vision,” he says. “That passion becomes your fuel, driving you to overcome obstacles, innovate, and ultimately create something that resonates with consumers on a deeper level.”

Colsen Fire Pits is the perfect example of this sentiment. The company was born out of Colimodio’s childhood fascination with fire, his friend’s expertise in concrete, and, naturally, a desire to not just meet but exceed customer expectations in a largely unfulfilled market.

In fact, when Colsen first started, it was one of the first (and few) fire pit sellers on Amazon, meaning the company held a virtual monopoly until competition arose from countries like China over a year later.

Colimodio also highlights that customer satisfaction is equally important in a business’s success as innovation. And so, his ethos – quality, utility, and trust – is intertwined with the products and services he provides and every customer interaction.

His latest venture, Blackforest Supplements, underscores his emphasis on customer happiness and quality and cements his ability to spot unmet market demand. Blackforest Supplements is his first step through the door of the wellness industry, where he identified a niche market – men in their 30s and 40s looking for an extra muscle mass and strength boost.

Colimodio admits that the competition in this sector is fierce but that catering to such a specific demographic has played a huge role in getting Blackforest Supplements off the ground.

“Additionally, we offer NMN, a supplement designed to promote youthfulness. The product has been controversial since the FDA may regulate it. As a result, there’s been a rush among customers to buy it before any stricter regulations are potentially imposed,” he reveals.

In terms of his strategies for enduring success, Colimodio highlights the importance of customer feedback. For him, business shouldn’t just be about selling a product or a service but creating an ongoing dialogue with customers. This strategy fosters trust and helps ventures stay relevant and afloat even during tough times.

Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Colimodio. He plans to sell some of his businesses to make room for new ventures and explore even more diverse paths. At a time when industries keep on evolving, his business methodology is the key to sustained growth and prosperity.

He says, “You must explore and be willing to step into unknown territories to succeed. If you refuse to set new challenges, you may miss some incredible opportunities.”


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