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From Vision to Acceleration
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From Vision to Acceleration: This Military Spouse’s Approach to Modernizing Operations and the Support it Takes

Coming out of Veteran’s Day and going into Thanksgiving, military spouse, Shayna Atkins and her brainchild AtkCo are leading the charge in modernizing business operations. “Being an active-duty military spouse scaling a business in the tech industry is a big piece of my life that makes me different,” Shayna Atkins reveals. With a human-centered approach that goes beyond problem-solving, AtkCo is reshaping the landscape of process improvement, propelling organizations from mere vision to tangible acceleration. Their philosophy is not only informative but it’s also deeply inspiring, providing a clear and actionable blueprint for businesses to not only survive but truly excel in today’s dynamic environment.

From Vision to Acceleration: This Military Spouse’s Approach to Modernizing Operations and the Support it Takes
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“Our commitment to professional growth is met with a fervor for personal balance,” Shayna Atkins emphasized. “I have a life partner who has chosen to be of service to this country, so when I dream big, I have to make space for my deployed husband, my team, our support systems, or personal health. A lot of the time, that starts in the workplace.” AtkCo recently had the privilege of attending the Inc. 5000 gala in San Antonio, Texas as recipients of the Inc 5000 award for the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Shayna Atkins, who is currently separated from her husband due to his military deployment, was escorted by her dad who she fondly refers to as “the second best date in the world.” She quips, “I mean he is the person who took me on my very first date ever, so there is that.” Shayna is not lost on the support it takes to grow a business, be an active duty military spouse, and show up as a human day to day. “My team is the best there is and my family and friends show up for me in ways I am grateful for everyday” she states.

In a world driven by rapid technological advancements and evolving market dynamics, AtkCo is a forward-thinking process improvement firm on a mission to transform the way businesses operate. Going beyond the traditional confines of process optimization, AtkCo focuses on ushering in a culture of continuous improvement and digital transformation. Shayna Atkins’ strategic vision, combined with her commitment to embracing change, is a testament to the power of innovation in driving meaningful progress. 

“At AtkCo, we believe that at the core of all problems we solve, is how you solve it. That is how we take our clients from problem solving to acceleration,” Shayna Atkins passionately states. AtkCo’s perspective is rooted in the understanding that a shift in approach can lead to remarkable outcomes. This ideology closely resonates with the principles outlined in James Clear’s “Atomic Habits,” where incremental improvements contribute to significant advancements over time.

The journey from vision to acceleration requires more than just conventional problem-solving methods. AtkCo’s strategy encompasses a holistic approach that begins by streamlining operational inefficiencies and progresses to collaborative partnerships that drive digital modernization. Their methodology focuses not only on internal enhancements but also on creating innovative products that resonate with customers, revolutionizing the way they experience a business.

“We believe if you shift the way you work, you improve how you live,” Shayna Atkins affirms. This belief forms the cornerstone of AtkCo’s ethos, urging businesses to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement. At the heart of AtkCo’s success lies their coaching-driven model—a model that encourages clients to embrace change, adapt to new methodologies, and implement incremental improvements that lead to remarkable transformations.

AtkCo’s vision is simple yet profound: Shift the way you work, improve how you live. Their mission is to collaborate with global organizations and guide them through the complexities of the digital world by implementing strategic improvements. Their purpose—transforming ways of working to accelerate growth—is at the heart of every initiative. The values they uphold—reliability, consistent value delivery, embracing the unknown, and prioritizing human-centered solutions—underscore their commitment to creating meaningful change.

Unlike traditional consulting firms that rely on static frameworks, AtkCo’s adaptive approach ensures that solutions are tailored to each organization’s unique context. Shayna Atkins emphasizes, “We adjust year to year, listen to the market, etc.,” a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and market demands. Furthermore, AtkCo’s role transcends that of a consultant; they are dedicated partners in their clients’ success journey. With training, implementation consulting, and value-based contracting, they ensure that their clients’ growth aligns with their own success.

From Vision to Acceleration: This Military Spouse’s Approach to Modernizing Operations and the Support it Takes
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Shayna Atkins’ journey adds a personal touch to AtkCo’s remarkable trajectory. As an active-duty military spouse, tech entrepreneur, and advocate for women of color in technology, Shayna brings a diverse perspective and unwavering determination to her role. Her resilience, combined with her ability to navigate personal challenges and business success, is a testament to her authenticity and determination.

Moreover, Shayna Atkins epitomizes multi-generational entrepreneurship, embodying her ancestors’ dreams of success. With a degree in Physics from Spelman College and a background rooted in Chicago’s west side, Shayna brings a unique blend of educational excellence and real-world experience to AtkCo. The company’s commitment to global, remote-first operations and its diverse workforce reflect Shayna’s dedication to inclusivity.

“I want readers to understand that continuous improvement processes and systems can really fuel positive impact to business growth, sustaining in changing market conditions and employee balance in life and health. My hope is that AtkCo scales as slow as we must,” Shayna Atkins shares. Her vision for AtkCo is grounded in sustainable growth, authentic culture, and fostering a positive impact that transcends the business realm. The recent accolade of AtkCo’s recognition as an Inc 5000 fastest-growing private company in America, ranking within the top third at 1395, showcases the fruits of their unwavering dedication.

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