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Harnessing Resistance in Life and Business: The Unseen Barrier to Success
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Mann

Harnessing Resistance in Life and Business: The Unseen Barrier to Success

By: LifeFlip Media

Starting each new year, I sit down and study and review my goals for the next year. While studying, I stumbled upon a concept that resonated deeply with me – the idea of resistance in our personal and professional lives, particularly emphasizing business and the pursuit of new ventures.

Understanding Resistance

There is a common hesitation to step out of our comfort zones for all of us. This reluctance, manifesting in simple choices like extra sleep over a morning workout or lounging instead of productive activities, is a prime example of the resistance that blocks our path to achieving goals.

The Impact of Resistance in Business and Networking

This notion of resistance is not confined to personal habits but extends significantly into the business arena. Frequently, we encounter moments to innovate, network, or expand our professional circle, only to retreat to the familiar. This retreat results in missed opportunities and potential connections that could propel our careers forward. 

Overcoming Resistance

Consider the frequency with which we ignore an early alarm, only to lose precious moments of productivity. Resistance at work keeps us tethered to our comfort zones and leads to unfulfilled commitments. Such behavior adversely affects our reliability in professional relationships and teamwork.

Embracing Change and Consistency

To counteract resistance, embracing change and the unfamiliar is vital. In business, this might involve challenging ourselves to network in uncomfortable settings or experimenting with new strategies. I advocate a commitment to consistency – recognizing when we face resistance and consciously choosing to advance. Keeping our promises, especially to ourselves, is crucial for success in all aspects of life.

The Power of Focus

Yet, there’s a critical aspect often overlooked – the importance of guarding our focus. We secure our homes, cars, and finances with alarms, yet we frequently leave our focus unguarded. We must narrow our focus and work diligently towards specific goals – yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. 

Distractions are rampant, but it’s crucial to remain determined in our pursuit of excellence and our unique paths. It’s about not settling for the status quo but pushing towards realizing our full potential.

As we journey through the complexities of life and business, let us be vigilant in overcoming resistance and steadfast in maintaining our focus. By doing so, we unlock our potential for personal growth and success and inspire a community of resilient, goal-oriented individuals. Let’s not just dream of success; let’s safeguard our focus, overcome resistance, and actively work towards it. To get more valuable insights, check out  OfficialJeffreyMann on Instagram.


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