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Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui Becomes a Valuable New Addition to Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

Purchasing or refinancing a home is rife with several challenges that make it often difficult to do alone. Knowledge and expertise are required to make these challenges far less daunting, which is why most people turn to experts in the field to assist them with any problems they might encounter. Paramount Residential Mortgage Group is a powerhouse in the mortgage industry, helping thousands of its clients navigate the process with ease and convenience. 

Recently, the renowned company has welcomed yet another expert real estate professional in the form of Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui to their already solid roster. Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) has been in the industry for over two decades now, opening its doors to its clients since 2001.

Since its inception, PRMG has grown to be one of the most successful mortgage firms, consistently retaining its title as one of the top 25 leading lender brands. The company has been famously known as a privately held mortgage banker and residential home lender, playing a hand in helping borrowers purchase their dream homes and property owners refinance their homes all across the United States.

Initially, the PRMG team of experts consisted of three staff members who were dedicated to growing their company. Their persistence and hard work were eventually rewarded through their 230 branches and 3,000 employees stationed throughout the United States. PRMG takes pride in its corporate-casual environment and highly motivated and knowledgeable business professionals whose team spirit and strong core values fully embody the company’s vision.

“We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels,” shared the team. “In addition, PRMG offers excellent benefits and competitive compensation packages.”

Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui found himself drawn to PRMG’s mission in spite of the extremely rewarding compensation packages that were offered. Shaun is an engineering graduate with more than six years of experience in the financial industry. He eventually shifted his focus on the mortgage aspect of things, where he spent his early career as a realtor before working for Reeves Import Motorcars, playing various roles. He also started as a Volkswagen certified master sales consultant before climbing the ladder as a business development representative, webmaster, and BMW client advisor. 

Shaun later took his BMW expertise to Bert Smith International, where he worked as a client advisor. He then shifted his career as Maserati & McLaren Sales Manager. Recently, Shaun diverted from his background in the auto industry and started to learn more about mortgages. 

In early 2021, he dove headfirst into the mortgage industry as a certified mortgage advisor at Proven Mortgage. Shaun’s work immediately launched him to greater heights within the industry, receiving an invitation to the Paramount Residential Mortgage Group. Despite only joining the team recently, Shaun is fully determined to carry out PRMG’s mission.

“My commitment to you is to make sure you have excellent customer service and that your financial decision is well thought out and planned,” shared Shaun. While he is only starting his journey into the mortgage industry, Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui already carries valuable knowledge and experience in finances. Additionally, he can speak English, French, and Arabic, making him a flexible asset on the PRMG team.To know more about the remarkable Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui, make sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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