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How Rank and Rent Expert Nick Wood Turned Digital Real Estate Into Millions

In the world of online business, it seems new names are popping up daily after creating million-dollar empires for themselves. In the world of rank and rent and digital real estate, perhaps no figure is making quite as much noise as Nick Wood, founder and CEO of Digital Landlords. Known for his entrepreneurial flair and irreverent style, Nick Wood is being hailed as the “King of Digital Real Estate” after building a 7-figure business in the industry in less than  a year. Now, Wood stands at the helm of Digital Landlords–an online course community that is teaching students around the world how to make passive income online by combining his signature methods of rank and rent, digital real estate, lead generation, and sales. 

After learning where Nick Wood started his journey, it’s easy to see why the entrepreneur is such an advocate of hard work and perseverance. Wood grew up working long hours on his family’s generational alfalfa farm and living by the words his father instilled in him at a young age: Make hay while the sun shines. At the heart of Wood’s purpose-driven efforts is his understanding that talent can only take one so far, and at the end of the day, it is the doers with an unmatched work ethic that win.

At just 19 years old, Nick Wood made his first major life decision that would taken him off the beaten path and into the jungles of West Africa where dedicated himself to a two-year humanitarian effort in the notoriously war-torn country of Sierra Leone. While there he dedicated himself to learning the local dialect and sharing the vibrant culture in the area on social media. His platform, for which he became affectionately known by his nickname “Krio Borbor”, grew a loyal following and eventually caught the attention of BBC News in Africa which profiled Wood’s love of the African people.

Upon returning to the United States, Nick jumped into his first stint in the business world as many young, aspiring entrepreneurs do: as a door-to-door salesman. Knocking doors selling other people’s products in the scorching sun of the southern United States certainly solidified his hard work and perseverance, but it also confirmed in him something else. “I knew I didn’t want to be working to build someone else’s dream,” says Wood when asked about this time in his life. “I knew I had a lot of ideas for starting my own business, I just had to put my money where my mouth was.” 

From there and into his 20’s, Wood started–and failed–multiple tech ventures that would eventually rack up  a debt of $60,000. However, his resilience and determination allowed him to rise above his adversities. After learning about the online industries of rank and rent and digital real estate, Nick got to work and consumed as much knowledge as he could, testing out new methods of sales and lead generation and working with local business owners all over the country to develop his newfound passion. Fast forward to today, he is now responsible for a multi-7-figure digital real estate empire. His latest venture? Taking everything he’s learned in the space and teaching it to others through Digital Landlords. “I’ve created this course and community for anyone and everyone looking to change how they work and escape the rat race.” 

Digital Landlords offers Nick Wood’s signature strategies and methods in earning passive income through digital real estate “by building simple websites for niche services in small markets and renting the leads out to local businesses each month for profit,” Nick explained. His growing online community now has over 300 students from all over the world, most with no sales or technical experience, some earning $10,000 a month to as much as $45,000 per month.

With the successful launch of Digital Landlords, Wood is well on his way to making his end goal become a reality. In three years’ time, he aims to earn a net worth of $100 million through digital real estate and use it to create more sustainable remote jobs for people in Africa, giving them the opportunities to not only provide for themselves but to create generational wealth.

With Nick Wood’s ambition and work ethic, he is certainly making waves in numerous online communities, proving that anything is possible for those who choose to be relentless with their pursuits. In an effort to pave the way for go-getters from all walks of life, he is fully committed to using his success to catapult others to impressive heights.

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