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Hurt but Not Broken, Rising Artist Aierion Fisher Opens Up About Her Music Industry Journey

One of the most overwhelmingly heavy feelings that humans encounter at some point in their lives is the firm grip of abandonment. Such actions often leave the abandoned traumatized and fearful of connecting with others again. However, people have a way of overcoming such traumas and coming out as better people. Aierion Fisher is an advocate for people going through such struggles and has been using her platform as a musician to reach out and let them know they are not alone in their struggles.

Aierion Paigenaye Fisher, best known for her stage name Love Aierion, is one of the newest names to grace the music industry. She has been developing herself to become a well-rounded artist, hoping to make her stamp in music. Aierion uses music as the outlet to best express herself, projecting her innermost thoughts and frustrations through writing and taking the words to the studio. 

Like every artist, Aierion’s lyrical narratives are derived from the episodes of her life. Her works give listeners a glimpse into her life, welcoming them to sit in awe of the similarities in their tragedies. Aierion sings for the people who have been left feeling vulnerable and alone.

Aierion Fisher’s story seems like something straight out of fiction. When she was younger, she struggled to make it through life. Her mother and father were absent throughout her upbringing, leaving her to navigate life on her own. Their truancy had a lasting impression on her as she sought out the company of others. Despite the compensation, Aierion always found herself in the same place. People would walk into her life and only stay briefly before walking out on her. The cycle would repeat and leave her hanging each time.

Despite the trouble that she went through, Aierion never lost herself. Having gone through so many tragedies in her life, she wanted to show that the world had no hold over her heart. “I’m genuine through all things,” Aierion shared, “You feel that when you speak to me.” Additionally, she attributes her strength to God. “I’ve seen that He had to break me before being able to make me. He’s showing me His love, and He’s shining His life so bright.”

Aierion sheds light on her background through her single ‘100.’ Streaming on music platforms, 100 is a powerful hip-hop ballad that features her rapping to an acoustic environment. In the early parts of the track, Aierion projects all the repressed emotions she kept in through the years and questions everyone who left her. The ballad also describes her relationship with her mother. Throughout the song, Aierion transitions from an angst-driven tone to a calmer sound, basking in the success she built on her own.

Although she is on her way to cementing her name in the music industry, Aierion Fisher remains the same humble figure. She often takes the time to interact with her listeners as they share their gratitude for speaking up about her circumstances. Aierion foresees success as she continues onward in her journey. She hopes that her works will inspire others.

Learn more about Aierion Fisher by visiting her official website. You can also stream her music on Spotify and YouTube Music.


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