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I Am Man Inc. CEO Robert Marshall Empowers Victims Into Warriors

Perhaps one of the least attended sectors affected by the patriarchy are men themselves. Following the years of toxic conditioning to “take it like a man,” males from all ages and walks of life hesitate to express and embrace their pain. 

I Am Man Inc. Founder and CEO Robert Marshall insists that it’s okay to do so. With acceptance comes growth, and Robert, the sought-after resource speaker, is determined to empower men to accept and rise from long-standing traumas and personal issues. 

A leading expert, author, and a premier male empowerment speaker in the education and wellness areas, Robert Marshall is the living embodiment of drive. His broad portfolio lined by numerous awards and recognition is a testament to how far one can go after conquering fears and addressing trauma.

Before becoming the influential and dynamic speaker he is now, Robert Marshall was a victim. At an early age, he had to deal with fatherlessness, several counts of bullying, and sexual abuse. His story could have led to a different, darker chapter, but Robert would not let himself go down that path. With confident strides, he donned a suit of armor, faced his childhood demons, and won.

As a survivor and a victim-turned-warrior, Robert knew there was more to his goal than just saving himself. Filled with a replenished drive, he went to school.

Earning multiple degrees in the field of educational leadership, Robert Marshall is a prized alumnus of the University of Chester in the United Kingdom, Hope College in Zambia, Africa, North Park University in Chicago, Illinois, Purdue University Global in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The significant period that the motivational leader has spent perfecting his craft was the most prominent foundation of his 15 year-long career in the business. Carrying a laudable reputation in his field, Robert Marshall is famous for his transformational and relational speaking and coaching methods.

“My story and method for empowering men have enabled men to process through and overcome battles with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and low self-esteem,” he shares. 

“Through my story and lived experiences, I hope to inspire and empower 1 million boys and men to actively reject self-defeating thoughts and emotional and psychological boundaries and think big but dream bigger.”

Working toward that goal, Robert has been instrumental in pushing individuals to better themselves and reach their full potential. Powered by a vision to see people free from unjust and inequitable systems, socioeconomic walls, emotional blockages, and economic boundaries, Robert Marshall continues to grow his venture, I Am Man, Inc., into a community staple worldwide. 

He plans to expand his services and welcome more boys and men into his haven of hope, identity, and resources to become the best father, husband, student, and man that they can be. At I Am Man, Inc., Robert shares a bright outlook with his audience by emphasizing pain’s power and purpose.

“I want them to realize that the moment they stop running from it and choose to run through it, they will no longer be victims but warriors.” By embracing their traumas and not letting a negative experience define them, individuals become warriors of hope who wield the same pain that suffocated them as weapons of positivity and optimism.

Learn more about how Robert Marshall and I Am Man, Inc. empowers men to use their pain as fuel to think big and dream bigger. The captivating and awe-inspiring speaker is available on his official website

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