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Instagram “Social Proof” Services are NOT Organic!

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By: Jon Stojan

The term “organic growth” is often overused by Instagram marketing services. Many of these services, at best, provide a “social proof” strategy, essentially a means of enhancing the visual appeal of your Instagram (IG) page.

While bolstering social proof holds significance and can potentially contribute to organic growth, it is crucial to recognise that the two are not the same! It’s frustrating that numerous IG growth services exploit the term “organic,” often failing to deliver on their promised services. In some cases, these services resort to questionable tactics, employing bot followers and likes that can harm your page’s authenticity. 

You can find some providers offering reliable and safe social proof services without overpromising on boosting ‘organic growth.’ On the flip side, there are providers out there who can guarantee real organic results as they understand what it takes and will actually explain their strategy in full. The real challenge is knowing where to find these trustworthy providers, especially when there are so many shady services that you have to sift through.

To guide you in discerning a genuine, long-term Instagram growth strategy, let’s delve into the primary social proof methods and authentic organic growth services currently available.

Social proof strategies:

  1. Meta Verification Badge: Acquiring a meta verification badge, obtainable through Meta for $15 a month, enhances your page’s credibility. Although a blue badge may not hold the same value it once did, it unquestionably improves your page’s overall appearance at a very affordable price.
  2. Enhance Aesthetics: Explore “awesome IG grids” on Google to garner ideas on how to elevate the general aesthetics of your IG profile.
  3. Invest in Followers: Acknowledge the impact of follower count; having a substantial following, say, at least 10K followers, enhances your profile’s attractiveness. Safely acquiring drip feed delivery USA Instagram Followers can jumpstart your page. Providers that use giveaway campaigns or network based methods are usually very safe, make sure they can show you a sample of the quality of the followers. 
  4. Join Location-Targeted Engagement Networks: Sign up to boost your posts through networks that offer location-targeted Instagram engagement, ensuring authenticity and relevance. So, if you’re from the USA, then you’ll need a boost of Real USA Instagram Likes and USA Instagram Comments. With the right provider this can be very affordable depending on how often you post and the quantities you require. Be sure that they can show you a sample of the quality of the users that engage with your posts.

Organic growth strategies:

  1. Instagram Ads: Transform your posts into ads through Instagram. While results can be unpredictable, with meticulous research and a robust strategy, this approach could be a viable option.
  2. Instagram Shoutouts: Exercise caution with this high-risk strategy, as finding pages with genuine organic engagement can be challenging. Many providers deliver fake followers, creating a misleading perception of the shoutout’s effectiveness.
  3. Instagram Management Services: Hiring an Instagram manager is by far the most reliable option for authentic, consistent organic growth. The best Instagram management services involve experts manually engaging with targeted users on your behalf, offering not just time savings but also a guarantee of faster ongoing organic growth.

To Sum Up: 

Prioritize enhancing your page aesthetics and obtaining a Meta verification badge. Social proof strategies like investing in network-based followers and engagement can be considered to kick start your page and showcase more credibility. However, for sustainable, genuine growth, the ultimate solution lies in hiring an Instagram manager and investing in reputable Instagram management services. Beware of cheap services that promise “organic growth” without adequate explanation. 


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