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Jiwon: The Journey of a Musician Shaped by Passion and Perseverance
Photo Credited To: Jiwon

Jiwon: The Journey of a Musician Shaped by Passion and Perseverance

In the bustling heart of New York City, a young boy named Jiwon was born and raised. Little did anyone know at the time that this city, a melting pot of cultures and influences, would play a significant role in shaping his life and musical journey. Today, at the age of 22, Jiwon finds himself at the final semester of his college years at Harvard University, where he majors in Philosophy and minors in Music. But let’s rewind the clock a bit to uncover the extraordinary path that led him here.

From a tender age of 5, Jiwon’s life was infused with music, thanks to his mother, an immigrant from South Korea. She recognized the importance of music in her son’s upbringing and had him learn the piano. Jiwon’s musical education didn’t end there; his father, a businessman hailing from the north of England, brought back suitcases filled with vinyl records from his homeland. These records, featuring legendary acts like the Smiths, Joy Division, the Clash, and Iggy Pop, would become the building blocks of Jiwon’s musical identity.

Before discovering the captivating world of punk and post-punk music through his father’s collection, Jiwon had primarily undergone classical training. He delved into playing the cello and piano with dedication. However, it was the infectious energy of punk rock that ignited his passion for songwriting. Jiwon traded in his cello for an electric bass and soon added guitar and drums to his repertoire. By the time he reached high school, he had blossomed into a talented multi-instrumentalist overflowing with creative ideas.

It was during these formative years that Jiwon stumbled upon GarageBand and other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). These tools allowed him to transform his musical visions into tangible, recorded songs. It was a pivotal moment, one where Jiwon realized that he had discovered his true calling in life.

In high school, Jiwon began sharing his musical creations on Soundcloud. These early stages of his music career were marked by a fluid and casual approach, driven by passion rather than profession. A central tenet of Jiwon’s musical philosophy is the preservation of childlike wonder and naivety, ensuring that his creative process always stems from his most primal creative instincts.

However, when Jiwon stepped into the hallowed halls of Harvard University, he was thrust into a world that demanded excellence and relentless commitment. Surrounded by brilliant minds with unwavering work ethics, Jiwon found himself motivated to take his music career more seriously. Every spare moment was devoted to honing his skills as a songwriter, vocalist, and audio engineer.

As Jiwon continued to release songs, he embarked on a journey of self-improvement, learning from his favorite artists and producers. He meticulously analyzed their work and endeavored to replicate their techniques. The global pandemic, which forced much of Jiwon’s college career online, granted him even more time to refine his craft as a musician and audio engineer.

The transition wasn’t without its challenges. Many of Jiwon’s peers were diligently preparing for high-paying positions in the corporate world, creating a palpable tension between his aspirations and the more conventional career paths around him. Despite the pressure, Jiwon remained steadfast in his commitment to creating meaningful music.

Jiwon’s motivation as a musician stems from the belief that his emotions and ideas, expressed through his songs, can profoundly impact listeners. His music reflects life in a sincere yet stylized manner, always seeking to entertain while connecting with the audience on an emotional level, often drawing from his personal experiences.

One critical pillar of Jiwon’s music career has been the unwavering support of his close friends. Whether during his early forays into music or navigating the uncertainties of pursuing a career in this field at Harvard, their steadfast encouragement has been invaluable.

With the curtain falling on his time at Harvard, Jiwon looks ahead with excitement to the future. He is eager to return to his hometown of New York City, where the streets hum with the rhythm of his life’s soundtrack. As he continues his journey as a musician, Jiwon carries with him the passion, perseverance, and the unwavering belief that music has the power to bridge the gap between emotions, creating connections that resonate deeply with listeners.


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