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Josias Jean-Pierre Empowers Community Through Financial Credit Literacy

A lot of people nowadays struggle with financial and credit woes. Aside from debt, most Americans encounter low credit scores. At first, this may seem like a minuscule and harmless financial problem. However, this can be detrimental on a long-term scale, especially when applying for credit cards, buying or renting an apartment, or even getting a loan. At most, low credit standing can lead to poor financial control that often results in homelessness and poverty. Amidst these struggles, only one man rose to the challenge to uplift his community from their financial burdens, and that’s no other than Josias Jean-Pierre.

People knew Josias as a young, competent Board Certified Credit Consultant, author, entrepreneur, educator, and motivational speaker. But on a deeper level, he is a humble man living his life with purpose and meaning. From the get-go, Josias Jean-Pierre has dedicated his life to uplift the powerless by educating and empowering. He started his journey by teaching his community about the importance of good credit standing and the existing laws protecting the consumer’s credit. On top of that, he managed seminars and workshops on credit literacy, self-development, and leadership. This gave him the opportunity to serve hundreds of people who eventually saw a shift in their credit scores.

However, behind the success of Jean-Pierre lies an awe-inspiring story. During infancy, Josias Jean-Pierre was diagnosed with epilepsy. His condition continued throughout his childhood years, in which he had difficulty processing information. With perseverance and positivity, he overcame life’s stumbling block, which motivated him to help others. Looking back, it was never the learning disability that made his life painful. Instead, it was the people around him telling him that he can never be successful in life. 

For that same reason, Josias started with his workshops and forums centered on instilling hope and purpose among his followers. He knew firsthand how hard it is to be on the receiving end of unending disappointments and criticisms from his community. Drawing inspiration from his life journey, he encourages them to strive hard towards achieving their dreams and goals. His programs are specifically intended for the “powerless, hopeless, and the visionless; people who have a setback and need to have a bounce-back; people who have self-doubt and the lack of self-believe; people who need assistance in believing that they can jump over their current barriers and obstacles that they face.”

His relentless acts of service got him into speaking events such as TRIO, a federal outreach student support service focusing on improving students’ lives coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Along the way, he met great personalities with the likes of American professional football player John Carlos, political activist Angela Davis, motivational speaker Les Brown, former television host Michael Eric Dyson, and American philosopher Dr. Cornel West.

Josias Jean-Pierre also authored two books, namely “The Power of Your Words” and “What is Your Why Behind the Drive. These inspirational books communicate messages of faith, power, hope, and purpose to people from all walks of life worldwide. 

For more information about Josias Jean-Pierre, check him out on Instagram.

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