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Kafuné Amor Hair Care Helps Black Women Flaunt Their Hair with Outstanding Hair Care Solutions

Our hair is our crowning glory. It is a powerful expression of our individuality and is held as sacred for some cultures worldwide. For black women everywhere, their hair tells a profound story of their history and culture. Every black woman out there has her own hair story, to the point that most of them have too many to count.

Indeed, a black woman and her hair tell a story of loss and growth, long and short, straight and curly, but most of all, it tells the story of beauty, acceptance, security, and growth. Shemika Jackson’s story is no different. 

Growing up, Shemika Jackson always had a passion for hair. She would often take every opportunity to style her hair into anything she could think of, drawing inspiration from others as well.

“My love for styling and hair care came at a young age, as my mother was in cosmetology school. She would bring home mannequins to cut and dye their hair, and after she was done, I would take them and make up my styles and looks and immediately knew that this is what I wanted to do,” shared Shemika Jackson.

Throughout the years, the love that Shemika found at nine years old had never left her. Over the years, as she went through college and began her career, she found herself searching for purpose and fulfillment.

In a tragic turn of events, Shemika experienced hair loss in her late 20s. It was the stuff of irony, as her passion for hair quickly turned into a drastic situation in her personal life.

“After countless trips to my dermatologist, having regular injections in my arm, then eventually directly in my scalp and using every kind of shampoo and cream, I realized that I was not going to be able to stop my hair loss,” recalled Shemika.

It turns out that she was suffering from Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA). The condition typically affects Black Women, destroying their hair follicles through attacks from inflammatory cells. 

The traumatic and life-reaffirming experience led Shemika Jackson to create her brand that would help black women with their hair everywhere. Born out of this need to feel confident, she established Kafuné Amor Hair Care. 

“I wanted Black women to know that you don’t have to look anywhere or to anyone to feel good or feel beautiful. All you have to do is look within and let what’s within out,” shared Shemika Jackson. 

Kafuné Amor Hair Care speaks to women by offering genuine, first-hand experience-based knowledge and information, not only by providing exceptional products and services but by also offering a methodical four-step system that allows women to understand how to use the brand’s products to produce the perfect results for their lace wig needs.

The four-step lace wig system includes PROTECT, CONCEAL, HOLD, and RELEASE. This multi-step system helps protect its customer’s edges and reduce shedding on their lace wigs. 

Kafuné Amor Hair Care also offers multiple concealer products with different complexions to help reduce the sight of the lace. Furthermore, the brand also offers multiple lace wig holding products for women who want a one-day quick installation. 

Kafuné Amor Hair Care is a brand that is genuinely built out of love and passion from Shemika Jackson. In the near future, the renowned entrepreneur and CEO hope to see her brand in multiple stores and salons, offering its excellent products.

Shemika Jackson is on a mission to help black women everywhere with their hair care. As a woman who has experienced things first-hand, Shemika hopes to provide the best hair care solutions for women everywhere.


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