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Karma The Artist Lights the Way With Warm, Soulful Vocals

Throughout the long and rich history of the music industry, one thing has shone as the definitive factor of a great artist in the making – the ability to encourage people to not only listen but feel. 

Hosting soul-stirring vocals and radiating warmth through her craft, Karma The Artist is the singer and songwriter making her way to the hall of the greats and lighting the way for aspiring and upcoming musicians worldwide.

At only seven years old, Karma The Artist knew what she wanted to do. Karma owes her influence to some of the music industry’s brightest and most talented stars, including Teedra Moses, Aaliyah, Ryan Leslie, Missy, Drake and Michael Jackson to name a few.

The following years would only embolden her to realize her vision. Overcoming the business’s hurdles and challenges as a budding artist expanded the picture behind her drive – birthing a passion for philanthropy within Karma that seamlessly merged with her introspective songwriting prowess and heartstopping voice.

As she devoted herself to helping her community with the same energy she invested in developing her sound, the law of karma set things in motion. Karma The Artist got what she deserved.

Since her official debut as a rising star, the renowned musician has shared coveted stages with top talents of equal caliber as Joyner Lucas, Marques Houston, Tyga, Chris Brown, the Isley Brothers, and Maze & Frankie Beverly. The unique and sought-after experiences inspired the words and music behind her critically-acclaimed mixtape “The Good Karma Project” in 2012.

The masterpiece drew standing ovations from influential channels such as The Hype Magazine, Fresh Ndef, The Source, Urban Magazine, This ENT., Entertainment Monthly, 953 Jamz, Pitstop Musicians, YV Mag, Buzz Music, Voyage LA And many more. Her subsequently-released songs “The Birthday Song” and “Cry” further solidified her reputation as an unstoppable, crooning powerhouse.

Karma The Artist’s latest work, “Before It’s Over,” stands testament to her unmatched talent. The awe-inducing, touching piece continues to climb the charts and has welcomed countless individuals into the singer and songwriter’s loyal following.

Reveling in the success of her art, Karma began to see an opportunity to use her platform to amplify not only her sound but others’ as well. She established “Good Karma Entertainment” and blessed the careers of her fellow Los Angeles-based artists.

“I was motivated to build my brand by my passion to keep the music alive,” she passionately shares. “As the industry transcended, so did the need to have a brand even before the world knew who you were. You can sustain a brand until the passion projects you want to do are a feasible concept.”

In her company, Karma The Artist furthers her philanthropic endeavors through mentoring and elevating her fellow musicians to explore their potentials and paint their success. Outside of “Good Karma Entertainment,” Karma The Artist is also the brilliant mind behind existing avenues to plant and harvest the gratifying energy.

The creative entrepreneur is the voice of “Treble Girl Ent.” a boutique music agency that provides services, resources, and much-needed support to underprivileged and underserved women in the music industry. She is also the founder of “Find Your Karma,” a nonprofit organization designed to guide individuals out of the tunnel with programs for mental health evaluations, job placements, and relocations – as the individual might need.

Learn more about the impactful artist spreading warmth through her well-loved discography. Connect with Karma The Artist and stay updated on her ventures on Treble Girl Ent., Find Your Karma or her official website


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