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Karns & Karns Law Firm Excited to Continue Support of UFW at December Gala
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Karns & Karns Law Firm Excited to Continue Support of UFW at December Gala

United Farm Workers celebrates 61 years of fighting for the rights of those who pick America’s fruits and vegetables. The UFW annual gala is set for December 14 in Los Angeles to celebrate farm workers and all of their supporters. Last year the advocacy organization won justice with farm worker voting rights bill AB 2183 in California, and this year Bill Karns looks forward to confirming his law firm’s ongoing dedication to UFW members and their families at the celebration.

Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys is a longtime supporter for the UFW, assisting with farm worker food distributions and providing much-needed access to lawyers to help with their questions. Bill Karns says that the firm’s support is not simply financial and legal.

“Our commitment to the UFW community is not just cutting checks.  Our firm actively participates in monthly food drives throughout California to help feed farmworkers and their families.”  Bill says. “We view every action we take in the courtroom or community as a step towards a stronger, united society.”

He and his team work year-round in hands-on projects in their communities throughout California. Week after week, Karns & Karns’ dedicated team members help distribute around 40,000 pounds of food per event and often up to a staggering 75,000 pounds. At a recent distribution event, the team successfully fed 300 families with 12 pallets of food and household goods.

“The sight of hundreds of families benefiting from our efforts has been both humbling and motivating,” says Karns.

Karns & Karns Law Firm Excited to Continue Support of UFW at December Gala
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Karns & Karns Personal Injury and Accident Attorneys not only win personal injury claims; they also win hearts and foster unity. Their valuable work with the UFW visibly demonstrates their belief that a healthy, united community is a pillar of a flourishing society. By standing with the community, Karns & Karns is helping to build a society where no one is left behind and everyone has a chance to thrive.

As Bill Karns puts it, “When we stand together, we stand strong. And when we stand strong, we thrive.”

The UFW’s annual Gala event will be held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on December 14, 2023. This year’s special guest is Karen Bass, first woman mayor of Los Angeles and longtime supporter of the UFW. Bass was recently keynote speaker at the 20th Annual Legacy Awards event for the Cesar Chavez Foundation.

Known for their tenacity in the courtroom, Karns & Karns attorneys are not just strong defenders for the rights of people seeking justice in personal injury claims but also steadfast supporters of the migrant farm worker movement.

“We are proud to support the United Farm Workers and their mission to protect farm workers’ rights,” Bill Karns says.

United Farm Workers, founded by Cesar Chavez, has helped its members for 61 years with workers’ rights, immigration, and legal issues. UFW also provides such benefits as health and pension plans for farm workers, who generally do not receive benefits from their harvesting jobs. The group also has scholarships for students, access to banking and other financial services, and lobbies for state and federal laws to protect farm workers.


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