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Local Publishing Powerhouse Publify Press Wins Coveted Award

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Peter Lopez, the ambitious founder and CEO of Melbourne-based Publify Press, has disrupted the traditional publishing world and transformed his company into an industry leader. Now, Publify Press and Lopez are celebrating a major win: the prestigious 2023 Best of Melbourne Award for Publisher of the Year.

The Melbourne Award Program gives the annual award to businesses that demonstrate innovative practices, superb customer service, and make a positive impact on their community. As one of the most coveted business honors in Melbourne, the award confirms what Publify Press’s loyal authors already know: this is a publishing company like no other.

“When we started Publify Press, the Hall of Fame wasn’t our goal, all we wanted to do was serve our authors and disrupt the book publishing world. That was our goal, but it’s still a pretty cool feat,” said Lopez.

While other publishing companies clung to outdated practices, Lopez focused on modernizing the industry and empowering authors. His vision and passion have fueled meteoric growth at Publify Press, which now has a roster of over 500 authors and continues expanding its service offerings.

Melbourne Award Program evaluators chose Publify Press based on the company’s proven ability to forge long-lasting competitive advantages and deliver real value to the city’s business community. The award highlights businesses that boost Melbourne’s image through unparalleled customer service and benefit both their clients and the wider public good.

For Lopez, this accolade represents the culmination of his mission to give authors access to high-quality and affordable publishing opportunities. But Lopez and his team see it as just the beginning.

“People in the Hall of Fame tend to say, ‘OK, we’ve done it all,’ but for Publify Press, it’s a new beginning of things to come,” said Lopez.

With the 2023 Publisher of the Year title under their belt, Publify Press and Peter Lopez seem poised to transform the publishing industry for years to come. The future of Melbourne’s literary scene looks bright indeed.




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