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MAXevent Academy A New Era in Event Planning
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MAXevent Academy: A New Era in Event Planning

By: Travis Mane

In the fast-paced realm of event planning, combining creativity, meticulous planning, and genuine human interaction can transform any gathering into a memorable occasion. Melissa Cossette, Founder and Chief Event Strategist of MAXevent Academy, has championed this transformative approach. With over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, Melissa has orchestrated events of all sizes, from cozy dinners to large-scale conferences, consistently prioritizing the creation of meaningful and impactful experiences.

Melissa’s journey into the world of event planning began with a fascination for human connection and the magic that unfolds during gatherings. “I’ve always been intrigued by the power of human connection that is sparked and amplified through gatherings,” she says. Her extensive experience in logistical planning, client service, and team leadership in the hospitality industry provided a solid foundation for her venture. However, it was witnessing the passion for event planning in young women, often paired with a lack of formal training, that truly ignited the spark leading to the creation of MAXevent Academy.

“Many individuals, fueled by successful personal events, dream of taking their planning skills to the next level,” Melissa explains. “However, new event planners face significant hurdles, as the crucial knowledge for success often requires years of experience to acquire.” Recognizing this gap, Melissa envisioned MAXevent Academy as a solution to bridge the experience gap, empowering novice planners to create well-run events and build credible businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a significant obstacle for Melissa, forcing her to reevaluate her career path. With the event industry at a standstill, she saw an opportunity to adapt and evolve. “This challenge ignited my passion for mentorship,” Melissa recalls. “Leveraging my experience, I envisioned MAXevent as a platform to empower others through their own event planning.” Instead of merely entering the competitive event planning space, Melissa focused on coaching and mentoring aspiring professional planners. This strategic shift addressed a critical need within the industry, helping newcomers navigate the competitive landscape and build sustainable businesses. “We foster a people-first culture within the industry,” Melissa states. “Our students gain valuable business skills, but the curriculum goes beyond logistics, focusing on building authentic relationships with clients.”

What distinguishes MAXevent Academy is its commitment to understanding the “why” behind each celebration. “We delve deeper than questionnaires to uncover the true purpose and meaning for the people involved,” Melissa explains. This relationship-centric approach allows planners to create events that resonate deeply with guests, providing transformative experiences.

Melissa’s dedication to this philosophy is evident in her success stories. One notable example is a client who initially hesitated to commit to a full coaching program. Recognizing her potential, Melissa suggested a one-month trial. By the end of that month, the client not only decided to leave her full-time job but also identified a unique event planning niche. She became the first to enroll in the MAXevent Academy, highlighting the value of Melissa’s coaching and the clear vision for her future.

Melissa’s career highlights include recognition as a Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE) by the National Association of Catering and Events, a Rising Entrepreneur feature by NEXTonSCENE Media in 2022, and being a panelist at the 2023 Metrowest Conference for Women. These accolades underscore her commitment to excellence and her influence in the industry. Looking ahead, Melissa envisions MAXevent Academy becoming a leading force in transforming the event planning industry. By 2024, she plans to launch an Apprenticeship program, providing a valuable pathway for newcomers. In 2025, the Planning Collaborative will connect experienced planners with clients, fostering a supportive community. By 2027, MAXevent aims to serve event professionals and their clients nationwide, leaving a lasting impact on celebrations across the country.

For those aspiring to become event planners or current planners seeking to overcome plateaus, MAXevent Academy offers a comprehensive solution. “Starting a business alone is tough,” Melissa acknowledges. “Our academy makes it easier by providing everything needed to be successful in this business, leveraging my experience.” Through MAXevent Academy, Melissa engages with planners online, addressing their concerns: finding clients, pricing services, and responding to proposals. “We help new planners establish the building blocks for success,” Melissa explains. “We take the time to meet each client where they are, helping them achieve their goals in an authentic and practical way.”

Published by: Holy Minoza

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