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Meet Noah Asher, Author of CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming
Photo Courtesy: Noah Asher

Meet Noah Asher, Author of CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming

Noah Asher is quickly becoming globally recognized for his new Christian nonfiction book, “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming”. But where did he come from? What’s his story? Well, like many, Noah Asher has experienced chaos of his own. He was incarcerated years ago then diagnosed with a rare form of Lupus. And if this wasn’t enough, his dad passed away. Noah understands chaos because he has been in the midst of it. Chaos isn’t just his story, though. It’s all of our’s. Chaos looks like addiction, divorce, rejection, loneliness, loss, and the list is endless. While in the midst of his deepest, darkest pit, he decided to find purpose in it all. This was the beginning of his writing journey. Noah says he wanted Hope, Help, Humor to be felt on every page because he knew this was what he needed most during chaos. He accomplishes this by pointing people to Jesus. Every chapter is filled with Scripture and Bible Stories that show just how possible it is to overcome our overwhelming circumstances.

After sitting down and talking to Noah, it is evident where his heart is: Noah wants hurting people to find hope; he wants people in pain to find purpose. According to the reviews pouring in, Noah Asher accomplishes this very well. One common review is about his humor. His comedic style is what makes CHAOS different than a typical Christian nonfiction book. This book feels like a conversation with a witty friend. The stories he shares will have you laughing and crying and feeling inspired.

One person said, “”After my family and I went through the hardest year of our life, a friend recommended CHAOS. We couldn’t put it down. This book helped us find peace in our grief. My ladies group at church is now using this for our study on battling hurt.” 

Another person added, “The way Noah Asher is able to take Scripture and relate it to today is so refreshing. This book helped teach me that God isn’t done with me yet and He loves me!”

Spending time with Noah and his team has been refreshing. It’s such a great story of redemption and it’s a reminder that no one is too far gone to be used by God. You won’t talk to Noah without hearing about his love for Jesus and The Office. This book is witty, inspirational, and vulnerable. Noah Asher’s new book is much needed in our chaotic world today. There is no wonder why people are finding it useful and helpful. To find out more information on Noah Asher and all that he is doing, check out his website ( or his Instagram (@TheNoahAsher). Noah is currently doing Book Signing Events as well as some speaking engagements with addiction centers and rehab centers. Noah believes this is just the beginning, “This book isn’t just a book; it’s a movement. A movement to bring the brightest of lights for people in their darkest of pits.” 

Noah Asher’s literary debut is available now. “CHAOS: Overcoming the Overwhelming” can be purchased online and in stores across the globe. *All proceeds of the book go to providing copies for prison libraries and rehab centers.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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