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How mend™’s Commitment to Natural Nutrition and AI-enabled Digital Platform is Changing Patients Needs in Healthcare

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Surgery can be quite a handful. The uncertainty of the outcome, the fear of complications, and the pain of recovery can be overwhelming. But what if there was a way to improve your chances of a successful surgery and a faster recovery? What if the key to a better outcome was as simple as what you put into your body? That’s where mend™ comes in.

mend™, a life sciences company specializing in nutrapharma and digital wellness, has developed a clinically proven line of natural nutrition products that enhance patients’ health for surgery and aid in recovery for faster healing and improved patient outcomes. Their line of natural nutrition products includes revolutionary products like Perform, Repair & Recover, Joint Replacement, and Regenerate. These cutting-edge formulations are backed by science and recognized by the medical community as effective in accelerating repair and recovery and addressing key risk factors contributing to chronic conditions.

Taking perioperative care a step further, the company has introduced Upgraid™ by mend, an SMS-based and AI-enabled digital care platform that extends care delivery beyond the hospital setting. This innovative platform helps hospital systems streamline recovery and alleviates the burden on healthcare providers. Through remote monitoring, Upgraid™ triages critical questions and minimizes patient calls to the hospital, freeing up staff and resources to focus on in-hospital services. Patients benefit from hands-on coaching, guidance, support, and health monitoring provided by certified professionals, making recovery smoother and more manageable.

The visionary behind mend™ is Co-Founder and CEO Eziah Syed, who has dedicated his career to technology, strategy, and innovation across various corporations and startups. With a wealth of experience in senior innovation and strategy roles at Deloitte, Citibank, and Dynamics Inc., Eziah is no stranger to creating technology-based solutions that break new ground. His passion for improving patients’ lives led him to establish mend™, a company that embodies his commitment to harnessing the power of healing for people everywhere.

The commitment of mend™ for natural nutrition and personalized care with Upgraid is changing how the healthcare industry manages perioperative care, making it possible for patients to heal faster and more efficiently while providing them with the support they need to thrive.

As the healthcare space continues to evolve, the story of mend™ and its transformative approach to perioperative care is a testament to the potential at the intersection of technology, innovation, and natural nutrition. By equipping healthcare providers and patients with science-backed perioperative solutions, mend™ is simply the game changer that redefines the recovery process. 

The company’s dedication to improving patient outcomes reinforces its stance concerning patient health and recovery. More importantly, it sets a new standard for what it means to truly care for patients’ well-being. As the story of mend™ unfolds, we can look forward to even more exciting developments in the future of healthcare, driven by the passion and ingenuity of visionaries like Eziah Syed.

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