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OGEE1523 Raises the Bar for Excellence With His Latest Single, “I Feel Good Today”

The hallmark of an exceptional artist lies in their versatility and unrivaled ability to craft the most distinct musical stylings, creating their mold within the industry. OGEE1523 is a talented artist pushing the boundaries of music-making while garnering the support of countless loyal fans.

Born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx, Gerard “Ogee” Allen, better known as OGEE1523, embodies the saying, “you’re never too old to start living your best life.” Growing up with music-loving parents in the Bronx project, the birthplace of rap and hip-hop, music has become a massive part of Ogee’s life. “My parents always used to have company, and I was the entertainer. So you can say we had the party house. Also, in school, I loved dancing at the school concerts when all the parents and friends used to come and sit in the audience. So I knew entertaining people was for me,” he shared. 

Fueled by his passion and undeniable love for his craft, Ogee1523 paved his own path to success, his sheer creative talent allowing him to maximize his potential as a hip-hop artist. He was part of the legendary Talented Rascals, where he finessed his skills in hip-hop culture elements: break dancing, graffiti, beatbox, DJing, and rapping. After the Talented Rascals disbanded, he formed The Funky Fresh Duo with another member and recorded songs. He performed throughout the New York tri-state area, captivating music lovers with eccentric yet genuine musical stylings. 

However, Ogee’s musical ambitions took a back seat as he had to pursue a career as a public servant working for the New York City Housing Authority. After twenty-seven years of dedicated service, the father of four and grandfather of ten retired in January 2021. Filled with renewed positive energy and a determination to make a statement in the music industry, the artist has now dedicated his time to fulfilling his childhood passion: rap.

Getting to work, the dedicated musician wrote and recorded several tracks, captivating listeners worldwide. In fact, he is currently working on new music to be released in the summer this summer. His latest single, “I FEEL GOOD TODAY,” featuring Q-Banga, was released in May, and following its success, Ogee is back in the studio recording new music. “I just recorded a song (YOU & ME) featuring two-time Grammy award-nominated and three-time Apollo Winner Mr. PETAWANE and Produced by DAYZEL TheMacine (D-Block),” he said. 

Aside from his remarkable perspective and exceptional work ethic, Ogee’s superb songwriting skills stand out. Unlike others who often turn to overused blueprints, the intuitive man channels his innate creativity to make one-of-a-kind tracks. “I write what I see and what I hear about. I also write about what other people are going through. So every day, you learn something new, which is something else to talk about in my raps,” he said.

OGEE1523 has thrilling plans for the summer and the year ahead, as he plans to join a ten-city tour with the HipHop Blvd Team and host a 1523 family affair concert with his family and friends. Fans should keep an eye out for his upcoming new projects. 


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