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On Point Goaldiggers LLC Launches New Collection, Motivates Audiences Through Designs

Casual clothing and street style have always focused greatly on bringing consumers comfortable choices. But Sharieff Muhammad believes that clothing can serve more function than style. The entrepreneur is the creative and innovative mind behind On Point Goaldiggers LLC, a motivational streetwear brand created for those who choose to stay positive even amid all of life’s trials. 

On Point Goaldiggers LLC brings consumers high-quality pieces from its latest collection, all released in a special single drop. The clothing brand has amazed the fashion industry before with its pieces, and its newest works are testaments to its commitment to excellence and success. Each piece in the new collection is made with the intention of using whatever design idea the founder and his team have and transforming them into motivational messages, aligning with their mission to leave a lasting and positive impact on the world.

Founder and CEO Sharieff Muhammad explained that On Point Goaldiggers LLC is created for those who are motivated to be great despite the negative circumstances life sometimes throws their way. “Life has constant changes,” the entrepreneur said. “You can’t always be perfect, but you can always be on point!”

While the designs mainly focus on exuding motivation and inspiration, On Point Goaldiggers LLC also gave great attention to its style. The clothing brand can be compared to some of the biggest streetwear brands in the world for its unmistakable laid-back and relaxed cuts. In addition, On Point Goaldiggers LLC carries a line of shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and caps, all curated to create a street style-worthy collection anyone can wear and be proud of. 

“Anyone can be fly and motivated to be on point in our gear,” said Sharieff Muhammad. “Each piece of clothing has some form of motivation in the design, whether it’s subliminal or straightforward. You can get motivated to do better in life by looking at pieces of our clothing,” the entrepreneur added further.

Although On Point Goaldiggers LLC is his first company, Sharieff Muhammad shared that he has always fostered his entrepreneurial spirit ever since he was young. In middle school, he recalled that he used to sell snacks and drinks to his peers. The CEO always had an optimistic business attitude, and he never stopped developing and learning from others.

Later on in life, Sharieff Muhammad shared that he came across another entrepreneur who inspired him to pursue greater things–Nipsey Hussle, who had multiple streams of income and countless projects lined up for his brand. With determination, Sharieff Muhammad persevered to achieve the same things as his inspiration and through On Point Goaldiggers LLC, he is slowly cementing his name in the fashion industry.

Asked where he envisioned On Point Goaldiggers LLC to be in the near future, Sharieff Muhammad said he sees the brand competing alongside super brands in the streetwear scene—Nike, Supreme, and Undefeated, to name a few. “We see ourselves reaching a very high level and being able to motivate a wider audience,” shared the founder. With hard work, there’s no doubt that On Point Goaldiggers LLC will indeed become a household name across the globe and be celebrated as a platform for positive change.


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