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Patrick Bleak AKA P. Wilson: A Testament to Resilience and the Power of Change

Patrick Bleak
Photo Credit: Patrick Bleak

By: Jon Stojan

When it comes to personal transformation, few stories resonate as profoundly as that of Patrick Bleak, the CEO of Street Broker, motivational speaker, and influencer. Widely known as P. Wilson, Bleak is an inspiring figure in the realms of addiction recovery, fitness, and mindset.

Having battled addiction since the age of 12, Bleak faced numerous challenges, including multiple stints in rehab. His life, however, took a significant turn for the better when he discovered solace in fitness and exercise. With a remarkable transformation, P. Wilson now stands as a symbol of recovery and personal growth, embodying the idea that fitness is not just about physical change but is crucial for enhancing one’s mindset and overall lifestyle.

His dedication to personal growth, recovery, and ultimate confidence makes him a captivating influencer. P. Wilson’s journey serves as a source of hope and motivation for individuals seeking positive change in their lives. Celebrating over five years of sobriety, his story is not just a personal victory but a beacon for others navigating the rocky waters of addiction.

The Descent and Awakening

P. Wilson’s story begins in a turbulent household, where addiction was a way of life.
“From as early as I can remember, addiction was part of my daily life. I grew up in a home where chaos was the norm,” P. Wilson reflected, painting a stark picture of his childhood.
The struggle against addiction took root early, propelling him into rehab at the tender age of 15 and into the rooms of AA by 18. A crucial moment of reckoning came at 26, with yet another stint in rehab, setting the stage for a profound shift in his life’s trajectory.

A Journey of Recovery

P. Wilson’s path to recovery was a holistic transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Under the mentorship of fitness guru West Watson, he embarked on a journey that was as much about physical conditioning as it was about mental and emotional fortitude.

“I learned to understand my body, to eat right, and to exercise,” P. Wilson explained. His approach went beyond conventional fitness, addressing the unique challenges faced by those battling addiction.

Empowering Others

P. Wilson’s story is highlighted both by personal redemption and a mission to empower others. His social media presence and community-building efforts are directed at those in recovery, offering them guidance and a blueprint for change that finally worked for him.

“I want to continue to change lives,” he said, his voice firm with conviction.

Living in the Present, Shaping the Future

Today, P. Wilson lives a life defined by simplicity and focus. The gym and nutrition are staples in his daily routine, but it’s his role as a mentor and guide that truly defines him. He is committed to growing his community, offering support and inspiration to those on the road to recovery.

“You can change your life in just four months,” he asserted, a statement that echoes hope and possibility.

Patrick Bleak AKA P. Wilson’s journey is more than an individual success story. It’s a source of inspiration, a call to action for those struggling with addiction, and a reminder of the incredible potential for transformation inherent in all of us.

About Patrick Bleak AKA P. Wilson

Patrick Bleak AKA P. Wilson is the CEO of Street Broker, a community built around using fitness as a tool for lasting recovery from addiction. The building blocks of his program use fitness and diet to build confidence, which is the cornerstone of P. Wilson’s method. To learn more visit: and

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