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Patryk Tracz
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Patryk Tracz’s Journey from Obscurity to Achieving Success with Multiple Businesses

Being born to a low-income family in a little Polish village only made a part of Patryk Tracz’s journey. He was destined for greater things, and his goal-getter spirit kept him going as he overcame challenges, developed remarkable ideas, birthed successful businesses and became an inspiring figure that many young entrepreneurs can look up to.

Moving to the United States with his twin brother, Lukasz Tracz, Patryk Tracz got on an entirely different path on his life journey. Together with his brother, they connected with some like minds and got into the business world on a small scale. From selling golf balls to golfers to selling candy, music CDs and video games, in middle school, Patryk Tracz and his first business partner, his brother, kickstarted their lifelong business journey.

The two brothers and their best Friends (Sebastian Solano, David Solano, Petar Dimitrov, Scot Garrambone and Paul Campbell) proceeded to launch a hospitality brand (Life in Color) as college students which they threw over 100 festivals in 20 countries, which they operated between 2007 and 2017. After selling the brand in 2012 for over $10MM, most of the crew began to think about the next move. Not long after, Jeeter, a cannabis pre-roll brand, came to life, and between 2018 and 2021, they worked to grow the company. Today, Jeeter is present in three states, with plans to expand in more states and continue to be the number brand in Cannabis.

More than anything else, the most stand-out part of Patryk Tracz’s story is how he navigated a challenging come-up and built an empire from scratch with his twin brother and a few friends. His personality has been shaped significantly by his early experience with life challenges. Also, building from scratch played a huge role in the creation of Jeeter and everything the company represents. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Our story is relatable, and it has helped us connect with all of our customers, we love to create experiences, Jeeter does that – you and your friend sharing a Jeeter before dinner, movies, walk in the park whatever it is, it takes you away from your daily things you have to deal with, and creates a moment, along with that its natural medicine and a curse a lot of people with anxiety, depression, pain or even falling asleep ” Patryk said. “Our culture, the people, the product, and the marketing all clicked together to create this amazing company called Jeeter.”

As an entrepreneur who has worked with a lot of people throughout his journey in the business world, Patryk Tracz believes that the best recipe for success is surrounding oneself with good people and never giving up. “The journey may not be smooth in the beginning, but with the right people, staying consistent, preparing for failure and getting right back up, the light at the end of the tunnel will show up. You just have to keep pushing for what you believe in regardless of what may get thrown at you,” he said.

Being an entrepreneur is more than running a business and raking in profits for Patryk. His primary goal is to bring solutions to the world and get involved in the good causes that make life better for everyone. For a person who once lived in abject poverty, breaking out of that box gave him an opportunity to make the world better in every way possible. “I’m always willing to use my platform for good, whether to advocate for people, help other people achieve success, advocate for a better environment, pick up the trash, recycle or donate to good causes through Jeeter,” he said.

As a company, Jeeter has been involved in many good causes, including the LGBT community, social change foundations and many other foundations all over the world. While it offers services that help people have good times all over the world, the company also walks the talk by contributing to a more positive world. Patryk is particularly passionate about putting an end to pollution in the world, and he pushes for this passion through his advocacy and influence.

With his success in the business world, Patryk Tracz has his sights set on conquering more frontiers and extending his reach. Part of his goals is to get into the film industry and be a part of storytelling that can change and inspire the world. He’s a major proponent of enjoying the journey, and he hopes that his story inspires people to own their journeys, go through the process and enjoy the journey no matter what comes their way.

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