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Pivot & Slay: Jessica Dennehy Inspires Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with Life-Changing Strategies

Running a business is a full-time job that requires undivided attention, which some people have found overwhelming. However, there are those individuals who cannot only manage a business; they have proven time and time again that they can succeed in other endeavors while successfully running a business, and Jessica Dennehy is one of those people.

Jessica Dennehy is an outstanding entrepreneur, author, and entrepreneurial leader best known for her impressive business acumen and strategy. In her early days as a professional, the law graduate successfully built a reputation in the world of high finance as a Wall Street regulator. But while she loved her day job, Dennehy’s passion was her side hustle: a barbershop that attracted elite clientele – and soon grew into a full-fledged business all on its own.

As the barbershop bloomed, Dennehy realized it was time to step away from her corporate career and pursue her entrepreneurial goals unapologetically. Citing the financial and personal freedom that comes with running her businesses, and most importantly, being in control of her time, she said she was glad to step into fields that reminded her of why she loves doing what she loves: mentorship, business, and entrepreneurship.

Stepping into entrepreneurship is a decision Dennehy regards as one of her best. She said she was grateful for the chance to put her business skills and knowledge to the test all while building something new and sustainable that she could later share with others. That, she said, is part of why she wrote Pivot & Slay: The Ultimate Guide to Mindset Mastery. Readers will learn how to take control of their businesses and their lifestyles through motivational, attainable goals they can weave into their daily lives.

After the success of her book Dennehy realized that she is in a unique position to share her knowledge to help others stay in business and identify profitable opportunities, she began seeking out chances to work with other entrepreneurs and business owners who want to start from where Dennehy once was. The mission at Pivot & Slay is to help those who feel stuck in their business identify their biggest stumbling block and successfully sidestep their challenges. The firm also provides intending business owners the knowledge to help them succeed and, more importantly, the pitfalls to avoid.

What makes Pivot & Slay unique is that both the book and the idea behind the firm come when everybody is grappling with the realities of the post-pandemic world. Most individuals and businesses can barely stay afloat in these times, but thanks to Dennehy, viable strategies and solutions are being proffered to these businesses daily.

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