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Radhika Gupta Buckley, an Artist Exploring Intricate Themes Surrounding the Human Condition

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Former lawyer and now renowned artist, Radhika Gupta Buckley, fearlessly addresses social injustices through her captivating artworks, characterized by vibrant hues and dynamic brushstrokes. Drawing from her firsthand experiences at The Supreme Court of India and the UN, Radhika believes her art can amplify the voices of those silenced by bureaucracies. With an unwavering dedication to making a difference, she aspires to bring hope and joy to the unseen through her exquisite creations.

Through her art, Radhika sheds light on the struggle for recognition in a society torn between tradition and modernity. Her Faces of India collection beautifully captures the essence of this complex issue. Using her signature techniques of gold leaf accents and vivid backgrounds, Radhika’s artwork powerfully conveys the status of gay and women’s rights. From a tender moment between a mother and daughter to the intimate embrace of two male partners, her pieces command the viewer’s attention and spark important conversations.

Radhika’s art career has been profoundly influenced by her extensive travels and multicultural upbringing. Coming from a family of art collectors, she has always possessed a creative inclination. Her greatest inspiration, however, stems from her grandfather, an exceptional lawyer dedicated to serving the people. It seems almost serendipitous that Radhika has found a way to merge these two important aspects of her life, resulting in a body of work that bridges cultures and speaks to the heart of humanity.

Radhika’s work, at its essence, aims to facilitate healing and enable people to unfurl themselves within her art. She states, “Painting and creating has always been a part of my healing process… I want people to look at my work and forget their worries, even if just for a second.”

Radhika’s art is captivating, making it difficult to divert your gaze. Upon closer inspection, one discovers new elements in both the background and subject. The artwork reveals fragments of Radhika’s life and the causes she passionately supports. It’s impossible not to experience joy in the sheer beauty of her creations, which flawlessly embody her vision of “a balance between colorful seduction and informed debate.”

Radhika’s artistic vision is rooted in an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories. Her artistic creations seamlessly blend various mediums, including acrylics, oils, and mixed media, resulting in visually captivating compositions. Each brushstroke on her canvas is purposeful and intentional, exuding a natural sense of harmony and equilibrium that captivates the viewer’s attention.

What sets Radhika apart as an artist is her remarkable ability to infuse deep meaning and introspection into her work. Her pieces serve as mirrors of society, inviting viewers to question, reflect, and undergo personal growth. Radhika Gupta Buckley eloquently expresses her artistic philosophy, stating, “When you expose your art to the world, a certain level of vulnerability is required, and I am still adjusting to it. As I embrace fearlessness, I adopt a more open and transparent way of engaging with the world, which is reflected in my art. Sincerity is a privilege and a constant aspiration, and I am constantly striving to achieve it in my artistic endeavors.”

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