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Sandra Possing, a Seasoned Life Coach Helping People Create Extraordinary Lives They Love

Entrepreneur, public speaker, and life coach, Sandra Possing wears many different hats. She is committed to inspiring, empowering, and challenging high achieving professionals, attorneys, executives, creatives, and other driven individuals to uplevel their lives through the one-on-one and group coaching programs she offers, as well as through social media, writing, speaking, and soon through her upcoming podcast.

She has spent the last two decades immersed in the study of human potential, success, and self-improvement, and she believes that people are capable of so much more than they realize. And that while it’s true that there will always be challenges to navigate, by training our minds and learning to regulate our nervous systems, we truly can design and create extraordinary lives we love.

Simply daring to be your most authentic self in this culture is practically an act of rebellion, given that society gladly tells us who we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to live (and gives us endless reasons to believe we’ll never be good enough). 

Sandra has delightfully taken on this challenge and deftly guides her clients and audience toward challenging those norms, so that they can experience the profound relief, liberation, and joy that comes from finally being brutally honest with themselves about who they really are and what they really want, and then taking action toward creating more alignment in their lives. 

Sandra received her coach and leadership training at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), and her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). While her interest in self-help books from an early age started her down the personal development path, she didn’t realize that coaching was an actual career until her late 20s after some serious soul searching and online digging. Once she found it, however, she knew she had found her home.   

One of the main skills that makes Sandra such a successful life coach is her unique communication style. She has a gift for creating a safe and nonjudgmental space, which helps her clients feel seen, heard, and validated, while at the same time inspiring them to step up their game and step into a more empowered version of themselves. 

Sandra’s clientele trust her enough that they can bring any issue to her, no matter how big or small. Whether they are navigating career changes, health and wellness goals, relationship or dating challenges, or simply want to be their most authentic selves, she meets each client where they are and helps them embark on a wild journey of self discovery and personal growth. 



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